WESTWARD EXPANSION UNIT – Westward Expansion Test – Digital & Printable – GOOGLE

WESTWARD EXPANSION UNIT – Westward Expansion Test – Digital & Printable – GOOGLE


This Westward Expansion Unit is loaded with Informational Text and Activities for Events, Battles, and Important People. It has so much to offer including maps, a project, Westward Expansion Test with a Study Guide, and so much more!

It is now available in GOOGLE, POWERPOINT AND PDF.



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  • WESTWARD EXPANSION UNIT TEACHER PDF: Plans, study guides, printables, answer keys and links for GOOGLE.
  • WESTWARD EXPANSION TEXT AND ACTIVITIES: Google Slides AND Powerpoint with everything from the printable PDF except the lesson plans and answer keys.
  • WESTWARD EXPANSION SELF-CHECK REVIEW: There is Google Slides AND Powerpoint Self-check review.
  • QUIZ: There is a quiz- at the end of the unit OR there is a link to GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading


Each Westward Expansion Event has Informational Text and an activity presented in chronological order:

★ Daniel Boone

★ Westward Expansion: Northwest Ordinance

★ Westward Expansion: Louisiana Purchase

★ Lewis and Clark- Thomas Jefferson

★ Sacagawea

★ Seminole Wars

★ Westward Expansion: Acquisition of Florida

★ Santa Fe Trail

★ Indian Removal Act

★ Battle of the Alamo

★ Trail of Tears

★ Oregon Trail

★ Manifest Destiny

★ California Trail

★ Westward Expansion: Annexation of Texas

★ Mormons

★ Mormon Trail

★ Oregon Treaty

★ Oregon Fever

★ Westward Expansion: Mexican Cession

★ Gold Rush

★ Westward Expansion: Gadsden Purchase

★ Pony Express

★ Telegraph

★ Pacific Railroad Act

What is included?

✓ Westward Expansion Lesson plans

✓ Suggested Book List- although not needed.

✓ Cover Page

✓ Timeline

✓ Informational text

✓ Westward Expansion Maps

✓ Charts

✓ Primary Sources

✓ Crafts

✓ Graphic Organizers

✓ Westward Expansion Projects (Lewis and Clark Choice Bingo, Westward Trails Foldable, Advertisement, End of Unit Collage)

✓ Cute bulletin board activities

✓ Study guide

✓ Westward Expansion Test (Matching, Multiple Choice, Open-Ended Questions)

✓ Rubrics


(Be careful not to put the resource on a public website. For copyright purposes, websites need to be password protected)

What skills are covered in this Westward Expansion Unit?

★ Comprehension

★ Inference

★ Text Evidence

★ Cause and Effect

★ Compare and Contrast

★ Chronological Order

★ Facts

★ Grouping

★ Mapping

★ Writing

★ Notice, Think, Wonder

★ Poetry

★ Context Clues

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