Westward Expansion Unit

Westward Expansion Unit


This Westward Expansion Unit is loaded with Informational Text and Activities for Events, Battles, and Important People. It has so much to offer including maps, a project, Westward Expansion Test with a Study Guide, and so much more!

It is now available in GOOGLE, POWERPOINT AND PDF.



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  • WESTWARD EXPANSION UNIT TEACHER PDF: Plans, study guides, printables, answer keys and links for GOOGLE.
  • WESTWARD EXPANSION TEXT AND ACTIVITIES: Google Slides AND Powerpoint with everything from the printable PDF except the lesson plans and answer keys.
  • WESTWARD EXPANSION SELF-CHECK REVIEW: There is Google Slides AND Powerpoint Self-check review.
  • QUIZ: There is a quiz- at the end of the unit OR there is a link to GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading


Each Westward Expansion Event has Informational Text and an activity presented in chronological order:

★ Daniel Boone

★ Westward Expansion: Northwest Ordinance

★ Westward Expansion: Louisiana Purchase

★ Lewis and Clark- Thomas Jefferson

★ Sacagawea

★ Seminole Wars

★ Westward Expansion: Acquisition of Florida

★ Santa Fe Trail

★ Indian Removal Act

★ Battle of the Alamo

★ Trail of Tears

★ Oregon Trail

★ Manifest Destiny

★ California Trail

★ Westward Expansion: Annexation of Texas

★ Mormons

★ Mormon Trail

★ Oregon Treaty

★ Oregon Fever

★ Westward Expansion: Mexican Cession

★ Gold Rush

★ Westward Expansion: Gadsden Purchase

★ Pony Express

★ Telegraph

★ Pacific Railroad Act

What is included?

✓ Westward Expansion Lesson plans

✓ Suggested Book List- although not needed.

✓ Cover Page

✓ Timeline

✓ Informational text

✓ Westward Expansion Maps

✓ Charts

✓ Primary Sources

✓ Crafts

✓ Graphic Organizers

✓ Westward Expansion Projects (Lewis and Clark Choice Bingo, Westward Trails Foldable, Advertisement, End of Unit Collage)

✓ Cute bulletin board activities

✓ Study guide

✓ Westward Expansion Test (Matching, Multiple Choice, Open-Ended Questions)

✓ Rubrics


(Be careful not to put the resource on a public website. For copyright purposes, websites need to be password protected)

What skills are covered in this Westward Expansion Unit?

★ Comprehension

★ Inference

★ Text Evidence

★ Cause and Effect

★ Compare and Contrast

★ Chronological Order

★ Facts

★ Grouping

★ Mapping

★ Writing

★ Notice, Think, Wonder

★ Poetry

★ Context Clues

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