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    How to Improve Student Writing With Writing Checklists

    Checklists are used for many academic tasks, and writing is a common one. Are they really effective? Absolutely! This post will explore why checklists are used, research results, and how to use writing checklists to improve student writing in the classroom.   Why Are Writing Checklists Used in the Classroom? When children have the opportunity to address their own mistakes within the writing process, it makes their learning more meaningful. They can fix mistakes as they go and develop their…

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  • Reading

    How to Teach Theme

    Are your students having trouble identifying theme within a story? This step-by-step process scaffolds through several reading comprehension skills to help students get a thorough understanding of theme. Students will be…

  • Crafts, Social Studies

    Arctic Region Igloo Craft

    Do your social studies standards include studying the indigenous peoples of the Arctic region? A fun way to celebrate their fascinating culture is to do an igloo craft. This post will…

  • Poetry

    Step-by-Step to Effective Poetry Analysis

    Are you looking for ways to help students analyze poetry effectively? This post will share step-by-step ideas to help your students with poetry analysis. When you are finished, they will be…