2nd Grade Digital Step-by-Step Simple Sentences Practice

2nd Grade Digital Step-by-Step Simple Sentences Practice


Are you looking for digital resources for distance learning in 2nd grade? This STEP-BY-STEP digital resource has SIMPLE SENTENCE activities for Power Point and Google. Give students noun/verb and subject/predicate practice with a scaffolding approach. It is proven to help students build confidence in their reading and gain a deeper understanding of the skill.

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Step-by-Step Learning

Each practice step has 10 questions and the quiz has 20 questions with 50 questions total. The steps are:

1. Identify – Students identify whether the word is a NOUN or a VERB. This is a self-check activity.

2. Identify– Students identify whether the boldfaced word in the sentence is a SUBJECT or a PREDICATE. This is a self-check activity.

3. Determine– Students determine which word in the sentence is the SUBJECT and the PREDICATE.

4. Assess- Quiz in GOOGLE FORMS only – 20 questions. (SEE PREVIEW for Quiz)

What is included?

1. Power Point and Google Slides for Practice

2. Google Form quiz- automatic grading.

3. Detailed notes with links to the google versions.

4. Information for how to use them in a center, group, or 1:1.

How do you get started?

1. Download the zipfile.

2. Extract (open) the zipfile. (There will be a Teacher Notes PDF and a Power Point for Steps 1-3)

3. Read the teacher notes. There you will find detailed how-to directions with pictures and the links for the google versions.

What are self-corrected answers?

When students are practicing, they will click on their answer. If it is wrong, it will send them back to the question. If it is right, they will move on to the next question. FYI- It does not record their right and wrong answers.

What if you wanted to use this in a center or whole group on one device?

No problem! You can use one device with multiple practice or students. I give directions on how to reset the steps.


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