Cinderella Unit – Cinderella Around the World

Cinderella Unit – Cinderella Around the World


This is a week-long unit studying fairy tales using different Cinderella books. A list of suggested books are included along with 5 QR Codes to lead students to free stories on their devices. Any Cinderella story will work for everything in this unit except the comprehension test on Cendrillon by Robert D. San Souci. This book or QR code is not included. It is suggested to provide this book for the students. The rest of the unit can be used without a purchase of this book.


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Point of view and compare and contrast are the main focus.

1. A chart to compare fairy tale elements out of 3 different Cinderella books.

2. A Venn Diagram to compare and contrast characters.

3. A triple Venn diagram to compare and contrast different Cinderella stories.

4. Point of view writing.

5. Brainstorm and Grouping activity

6. A test is included for the story, Cendrillon, a Caribbean Cinderella. It is 3-page with multiple choice, open-ended questions, venn-diagram, and point of view questions.

7. A rubric is included to evaluate the activities

8. An answer key is provided for the test.

9. 5 QR codes to send children to Cinderella stories. (Original Cinderella, The Egyptian Cinderella, Tattercoats, The Princess and the Golden Shoes, Korean Cinderella.

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