Fairy Tale Figurative Language

Fairy Tale Figurative Language


This thorough figurative language unit can be used to introduce Figurative Language or as a review! It fits perfectly with a fairy tale study and has a booklet to showcase students’ own figurative language writing! There is an easy to follow two-week lesson plan included. See the preview with a download to use the Simile portion of this resource for FREE!

Figurative Language is such an important part of reading and writing. We love to discover and identify them in our stories and use them in our creative writing!


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What is included in the Fairy Tale Figurative language?

✔ Cinderella Similes

✔ Little Mermaid Metaphors

✔ Alice’s Alliteration

✔ Fairy Tale Onomatopoeia

✔ Pinnochio’s Personification

✔ Idioms of Imagination

✔ Hansel’s Hyperboles


1. Mentor text lists for each type of figurative language

2. Colorful posters (anchor charts) for display or smart board for each type of figurative language

3. Black and white posters to save color

4. 1/2 page black and white posters/ anchor charts to place in student notebooks.

5. 7 -worksheet activities- 1 for each figurative language

6. 7- 1/2 sheet worksheet activities for each figurative language

7. A student booklet to write their own figurative language including a title cover, table of contents and rubric.

8. A combination Simile and Metaphor activity

9. A combination Alliteration, Onomatoeia, Personification activity

10. A combination Idiom and Hyperbole activity

11. A culminating writing activity with two spacing options in the templates.

12. A study guide

13. A test.

14. Answer keys

When your students finish with this unit, they will have a clear understanding of Figurative Language!

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