Explorers Unit | Early Explorers | European Explorers | DIGITAL | PRINTABLE

Explorers Unit | Early Explorers | European Explorers | DIGITAL | PRINTABLE


Explorers Unit filled with informational text, activities, project, and assessments! This Explorers Unit has its own Informational Text on 8 explorers! It was divided up into two Explorer units in chronological order to make the content easier for your students to learn. It is now available in GOOGLE, POWERPOINT AND PDF.


  • EXPLORERS UNIT TEACHER PDF: Plans, study guides, crafts, printables, answer keys and links for GOOGLE.
  • EXPLORERS UNIT TEXT AND ACTIVITIES: Google Slides AND Powerpoint with everything from the printable PDF except the study guides, craft, and answer keys.
  • EXPLORERS UNIT SELF-CHECK REVIEW: There is a Google Slides AND Powerpoint Self-check review for both sections in this unit: Explorers 1 and 2.
  • QUIZZES: There are two quizzes- at the end of each unit in EXPLORERS TEXT AND ACTIVITIES OR there is a link to GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading.
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Explorer Unit 1:

Key Exploration Words

Exploring the Unknown

Reasons for Exploration Graphic Organizer

Leif Erikson

Christopher Columbus

Amerigo Vespucci

John Cabot


Explorer Unit 2:

Ferdinand Magellan

Hernando DeSoto

Henry Hudson

Robert LaSalle


What is included in each Explorer unit?

Teacher Instructions

Informational Text

Questions Using Reading Strategies:

Questioning Before, During, After Reading


Determine Importance



Foldable Project

Mapping Routes

Study Guide

Explorers Test


★★★MORE INCLUDED!!!!!★★★

Craft of Columbus’s ship


★ Informational Text Mini-Booklets


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