Penguin Nonfiction Writing | Penguin Informative Writing | Winter Prompt

Penguin Nonfiction Writing | Penguin Informative Writing | Winter Prompt


This cute little fella makes an adorable informative writing wall display! Students get to research penguins and I make it easy with guided note-taking and writing templates. This engaging nonfiction winter writing activity will have students motivated to write! I provide a variety of line spacing for differentiation too!

This is part of a January Writing Bundle:

January Winter Writing Bundle

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What is included?

Guided Note-taking: Have students take notes from their research using the note organizers. There are hints on the organizer for students to look for when researching. (There are 3 choices of line spacing available.)

Student directions: Two options available.

Circle Templates: There are three options for line spacing. Do you want to save paper? You can have students use the circle template included and trace it on 8 pieces of notebook paper and then cut them out. The sections include:

1. Title and illustration

2. What is a penguin?

3. Are they birds?

4. Habitat

5. Diet

6. Species

7. Fun Facts

8. Vocabulary

9. Bibliography

Craft: Print out the parts on cardstock for templates. Then provide color paper so students can trace the parts of different colors and make each one unique.

Rubrics: There are two versions.

A sign for bulletin board.

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