Poetry Slam Unit

Poetry Slam Unit


This inclusive teaching tool contains everything you need to TEACH a poetry unit. You will find poetry elements, types of poems, and analyzing poetry. It is best used to teach as a whole group on a smart board or print off pages for anchor charts. When you are finished, they will be analyzing poetry like rockstars!

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What is included?

★ Poetry Elements- definitions and examples

★ Types of Poems- definitions, how-to, and examples

★ Analyzing poems (3 poems)

★ Review Questions

★ Poetry signs for bulletin board

★ “Under Construction” and “Coming Soon” signs


54 Pages of Colorful full-size slides and 54 of the same pages with a white backfound and black text to save on ink.

Directions are posted in the document on how to make 3.5 X 4.25 inch size cards using pdf. These can be used in small groups and centers!


Elements of Poetry

✓ Alliteration

✓ Imagery

✓ Metaphor

✓ Meter

✓ Onomatopoeia

✓ Personification

✓ Repetition

✓ Rhyme

✓ Rhyme Scheme

✓ Rhythm

✓ Simile

✓ Stanza

✓ Theme

✓ Tone


Poetry Types

1. Ballad

2. Narrative

3. Couplet

4. Quatrain

5. Cinquain

6. Free Verse

7. Haiku

8. Limerick

9. Lyrics

10. Parody

11. Concrete

12. Diamante

13. Acrostic

14. Bio-Poem

15. Informative

16. Humorous

In addition, there are three poems with questions for analyzing and ten pages with review questions. (one matching page, then 1 question per slide for whole classroom)

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