Step-by-Step Cause and Effect Unit

Step-by-Step Cause and Effect Unit


If you are looking to teach CAUSE AND EFFECT thoroughly, you’ve come to the right place! This step-by-step resource covers the reading skill of cause and effect through a variety of lessons to ensure a deep level of understanding. All of my reading units are developed using a scaffolding approach.


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What is included? 

1. ANCHOR CHART- An explanation of cause and effect with illustrations.

2. MENTOR TEXT- A nursery rhyme mentor text poster to show the skill in text. There are also suggested books to use with this skill.

3. INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK PRINTABLES- Pages for taking notes in an interactive reading notebook. (Differentiated)

★ A matching activity
★ Nursery Rhyme Detective
★ Photo Activity Instructions

5. PRACTICE- A worksheet to practice using color-coding to identify the cause and effect AND a passage with cause and effect open-ended questions.

6. TASK CARDS- 24 task cards great for a game, centers, or reteaching.

7. ASSESSMENT- A color-coding worksheet AND a passage with cause and effect open-ended questions.

8. TRACKING- This is used to keep track of students’ progress for future small group instruction.

9. BOOK RESPONSE- Perfect for searching any text to record a cause and effect relationship.


BONUS: 3 STUDENT EDITIONS- PDF- Perfect to send a digital copy to your students without assessments, teacher notes, and answer keys.
Student 1- Lexile Levels 650-750
Student 2- Lexile Levles 750-850
Student 3- Lexile Levels 850-950

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