Step-by-Step Reading Skills for Reading Comprehension Bundle 1

Step-by-Step Reading Skills for Reading Comprehension Bundle 1


This step-by-step reading comprehension skills bundle has oodles of reading skills that can be used with or without interactive reading notebooks. There are so many skills covered in these 5 units. Difficult skills need to be broken down and scaffolded for students to completely understand them. That is why some of these units include other skills. Students need a basic foundation before learning difficult skills. The bundle is ideal for 4th and 5th grade. If you are a 3rd grade or 6th grade teacher, look at the previews and levels of passages to see if they meet your students’ needs.

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What skills are covered?

1. Text Evidence

2. Inference

3. Story Elements (in Theme Unit)

4. Summarizing (in Theme Unit)

5. Main Idea (in Theme Unit)

6. Theme

7. Context Clues (in Mythology Unit)

8. Allusions (in Mythology Unit)

9. Mythology

10. Cause and Effect

What learning activities are included in these units?

★ Mentor text suggestions

★ Anchor Charts

★ Hands-on activiites

★ Interactive Notebook printables

★ Leveled Passages for differentiation

★ Practice pages

★ Task Cards

★ Book Response pages and charts

★ Assessments

★ Tracking forms

★ Student Editions great for tablets

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