Explorers Informational Text Booklet

Explorers Informational Text Booklet


This Explorers Informational Text Booklet is perfect for any research project. It provides information on 8 explorers in chronological order.


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1. Leif Eriksson

2. Christopher Columbus

3. Amerigo Vespucci

4. John Cabot

5. Ferdinand Magellan

6. Hernando DeSoto

7. Henry Hudson

8. Robert LaSalle

What information is covered?

✓ Where they are from

✓ How they came to explore

✓ Why they explored

✓ Where they explored

✓ What they found

✓ What happened to them


Version 1- The pages are in number order. Print, cut and staple.

Version 2- The pages are made for printing front/back and then fold in half.

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