Greek and Latin Study Units

Greek and Latin Study Units


★”Love! Love Love this! I have been looking all over for something to go with my affix study. This is just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this. It provides EVERYTHING you need to bring the rigor into your classroom, plus no Prep needed! I have sent many of my teacher friends to this page to purchase. We use this as a DO Now and spiral. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could go on and on about this!” – from a fourth grade teacher.★

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Why introduce Greek and Latin roots and affixes to your students?

They are the “building blocks” of the English language! It helps your students with word meanings and spelling conventions. They will learn how to break down larger words in their reading. This study has proven to be effective on the end of year tests!

How are the units set up?

This Greek and Latin study has 10 units and there are 20 pages per unit. There are 5 roots or affixes with 2 words to learn and study for a quiz. Students learn a total of 15 definitions per week (5 roots or affixes and 10 words). They will learn a total of 150 words (50 roots or affixes and 100 words). It can be taught in 10 weeks or used throughout the year. Most teachers have vocabulary words from novels and other readings that they also want to study with their class. This gives flexibility to use the Greek and Latin units in between the vocabulary units associated with reading.

Why have 5 roots or affixes all in one study?

Students will learn more tools to break down words. The roots and affixes are categorized so students can learn them within a week. STUDENTS LEARN MORE IN A SHORTER TIME.

How do you begin this Greek and Latin study?

The first two units are number prefixes. This eases students into the study of words and also introduces them to the study of Greek and Latin Root Words and Affixes. Did you know that students should encounter a word up to 70 times before it is mastered? That is why we practice, practice, practice! In addition to the weekly practice, student need to remember the past roots and affixes introduced. That is why there is a spiraling section of 5 questions included in the quizzes for Units 2-10.

What is included with each Greek and Latin Unit?

A small page to create a ringed booklet. I copy these on hard stock each week. There are 4 on each page. Students add to their ring each week. Plus each unit after the first one has a spiral review section of the quiz! Students are responsible for going back and reviewing the prior lessons. (1 page)
★ An anchor chart for each of the roots or affixes (5 slides)
★ Cards for word wall or bulletin board (1 page)
★ Cards for studying or concentration (print front to back) (4 pages)
★ A matching and open ended question printable (1 page)
★ Boxes or sentence strips for homework or practice (2 pages)
★ A printable to brainstorm other words with the same root or affix (1 page)
★ Fill in the black story printable (1 page)
★ I have Who Has activity (1 page)
★ Quiz with spiraling section (2 pages)
★ Answer Key (1 page)

In this GREEK AND LATIN study, there is also a layout of lessons for the week, bulletin board example and titles to use as well as prefix, suffix, root teaching slides to introduce the unit.

★★End of year cumulative study guide and test included.★★

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