Pineapple Door Decor for Character Education

Pineapple Door Decor for Character Education


This Pineapple door decor is perfect for the beginning of a school year or a new year. Although it can be used anytime throughout the year, this resource includes 14 character traits that to BUILD character! These cute little pineapples are used to share why each child should wear a crown! When it is time to switch out your bulletin board or door decor, send these cute little reminders home with the students. Parents will like to place it on the fridge to display their child’s GOOD CHARACTER. Everything is prepped and ready for you!


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Ideas for Use:

* Use the “I’ version to have students write about their good character traits.

* Use the “We” version to have other students, you, or parents write about their good character traits.

* Add them to a bulletin board, put each child’s name on them, but leave them blank. Each week pick someone to be the “Queen or King” for the week and fill that person’s pineapple in as you go.

This is part of a series of DOOR DECOR TO BUILD CHARACTER.


✓ Step-by-Step Directions, photos, and ideas for implementing it in your classroom

✓ A List of 14 Character Traits and meanings to use for teaching and help with brainstorming

✓ Student Pineapple templates- Color , Black/White (students can color them), or templates to print on color paper.

✓ Three sizes of pineapples

✓ Four choices of line spacing. Two for primary and two for upper elementary.

✓ “I should wear a crown” versions. AND “He/She should wear a crown” versions.

✓ Three signs- “Be a Pineapple” “We are Pineapples” “I am a Pineapple”

✓ Editable sign

✓ Mini “I am a Pineapple” cards/awards to send home.

✓ Big sized pineapple templates to attach the character traits.

✓ A template to make an actual crown for students to wear.


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