Writing Mini Lesson #13- Setting Writing Goals

I am going to do a little throw back Monday.  Oh that is supposed to be on Thursdays? Well, I never formed to the mold so I might as well keep being me.  I created a post on writing goals last year and I didn’t have anything to add at this point.  So read on!


Before moving on, I wanted my students to create a writing goal.  Since we have already covered complete sentences, fragments, run-ons, capitals, punctuation, and some spelling patterns, I told them to choose something that I frequently have to correct in their writing.  If I don’t have to correct many errors (just a select few) then they may use things like using a thesaurus or adding figurative language.  I had a student say, “I can’t wait to write this story!”  I love hearing their anticipation.  I explained that everyone who listens to the lessons and follows directions in the notebooks, should have no problem getting an A on the final product because we are going to go through this first writing piece step-by-step so they completely understand the best strategy to take them through the writing process.  Here are some of my students’ goals.  I was proud of them for thinking about these goals.  I probably would have chosen the same ones for them!



Now this creative student took her goal and although I didn’t provide or instruct for students to make their goal interactive, she took it upon herself to make hers more fun.  She made my day!  I loved her “Secret Door” with the goal inside!



And she had even more doors to open!

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