Writing Mini Lesson #15- Plot

Writing Mini Lesson #15- Plot

Now that you learned how to use the graphic organizer in mini lesson #14, let’s move onto PLOT and get ready to start planning our own story.  I like to use Cinderella to teach plot.  I read the story to my class and have a student use a toy car to roll up and down the roller coaster poster on my smart board.  If you don’t have a smart board or the poster, simply draw a roller coaster on your board to show a visual for plot.  I help the student along by showing that the author does a fabulous job increasing the suspense again and again throughout the story (getting to the ball, dancing, clock strikes midnight, running away, losing her shoe).  Then the climax of the story would be when the prince is placing the shoe on her foot.  The students are so stinkin cute because they get excited along with me when we reach the top of the coaster even though they’ve heard the story a million times.  We even hold our hands up in the air like we are on the coaster as we read the rest of the story.  Cute, huh?  Anything to get them excited about learning!

Next, I hand out the printable for PLOT for their notebooks.  Once again, you can have your students draw a roller coaster and write in the notes if you don’t have the printable.  I have students fill in the missing letter to each step before cutting and pasting them into their notebooks.  Then I ask them to draw arrows and down the coaster to show the direction of movement.  The student sample below forgot the arrows.  Oopsie!
1.  Introduce characters, setting, and problem.
2.  Develop characters and events.
3.  Increase suspense.
4.  Climax!! The point of the highest emotion/tension.
5.  Resolution.
I hope you had fun riding the coaster!  The next mini lesson #16 will be on developing an introduction!   

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