3rd Grade Informational Reading Comprehension Passages

3rd Grade Informational Reading Comprehension Passages


Engage your students with high-interest reading comprehension passages and text dependent analysis questions. They are designed for every 3rd Grade INFORMATIONAL STANDARD. The Step-by-Step Questions are standard-based and focus on one standard at a time with other types of comprehension questions spiraled throughout. It is available in PDF, GOOGLE, AND POWERPOINT and can easily be used because each mini-unit is in its own separate file.


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What is included?

There is a Read First file that includes directions and a chart with all standards, skills, passage titles, and a place for you to check them off.


These reading comprehension passages are perfect for CLOSE READING. The passages provide students with a complete narrative, drama or poem to answer the standard-based questions effectively.

  • Common Core Standards- 2 lengthy passages for each standard- 24 original passages. (Some standards have paired text.)
  • 3 differentiated reading levels– a total of 72 Passages.
  • Lexile level 400—800 the range of levels for differentiation (Grades 2-5)
  • Dyslexic Font- Each passage is written with or without a dyslexic font to meet the needs of all your students. (There is a separate PDF with all the passages in a dyslexic font.)


The questions were formulated in a STEP-BY-STEP process and specifically designed for that particular standard.

Step 1: There are 10 multiple choice questions developed for basic comprehension of the text with some deeper-level questions mixed in. They were designed for students to get familiar with the text and are in the form of:

  • Task Cards (Printable)
  • Worksheet (Printable or Digital)
  • GOOGLE Quiz (Digital)

Step 2: There are 10 rigorous open-ended questions developed for text-dependent analysis so students can think critically and question their assumptions. The last question is a text-dependent analysis writing prompt.

  • Without lines to put in a center, on a smart board, or in groups to write answers in a notebook
  • With lines to write on the printable
  • Digital with text boxes

What is in the Zipfile?

Each mini-unit is labeled according to the standard and title of the passage. There are two files for each title.

  1. PDF has all the teacher notes, Google Links, and printable pages.
  2. PowerPoint is for student use to write directly in the PowerPoint. (It is the same as the Google version.)

The PowerPoint and Google Versions are perfect for DISTANCE LEARNING! These versions have larger fonts and spaces for easy digital reading.

★ Answer Keys: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE TEACHER PDF! ANSWER KEYS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE STUDENT POWERPOINT OR GOOGLE SLIDES. For each open-ended answer key, teachers will know which questions are directly related to the standard. The answers that are bold-faced are related to the standard.

What focus skills are covered?

CCSS 1: Ask and Answer Question Use Text Evidence

CCSS 2: Determine the Main Idea and Supporting Details

CCSS 3: Describe Relationships in Informational Text

CCSS 4: Academic and Domain-Specific Words and Phrases

CCSS 5: Use Text Features to Locate Information

CCSS 6: Distinguish Point of View

CCSS 7: Interpret Information from Illustrations

CCSS 8: Logical Connection, Comparison, Sequence, Cause and Effect

CCSS 9: Compare and Contrast Within a Text and Between Two Texts

CCSS 10: Comprehend Information


Other skills that are covered in the questions:

✓ Provide Text Dependent Analysis

✓ Chronology


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