4th Grade Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) Text Evidence Writing

4th Grade Text Dependent Analysis (TDA) Text Evidence Writing


Are you teaching in South Carolina or another state that is now using Text Dependent Analysis for the writing portion of the state test? These passages and questions were developed with you in mind! This is different from Step-By-Step Text Evidence resource. This resource was designed for 4th graders.

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It includes:

1. How to Develop Proficient Text-Dependent Writers

Ideas on how to implement this resource

2. Generic Text-Dependent Analysis Questions (3 pages)

They are divided into categories. These are great for the teacher to use when reading other material and for the student resource binder.

3. Reading Passages (8 total)

1 or 2-page passages. There are 2 passages for each: Fiction, Science, Math, Social Studies. If you work in teams, each partner can use them in his/her subject area!

4. 3 TDA Questions per passage.

There is a page to display on your smart board with all three questions if you would like the students to choose.


5. Writing Templates (24 total)

One for each Question.

6. Rubric

7. Tracking Chart

Use this to track student progress!

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