Do you need a new reading log?  Half-way through last quarter I got tired (or worn slap out as they say in the south) of my sameo sameo reading log.  I created this so my students would have to read and respond to both fiction and nonfiction each week.  NOW that is Common Core! I have been very pleased with the outcome.  I must say the first couple weeks, I had to remind them to read through the question.  Even though I go over it in class that Monday, by Friday, many of them only wrote about the first part of the question.  Once they realized it was graded and my expectations, ShaBBBAAAM!  I’m loving them!  I keep a basket of newspapers, magazines, and Scholastic News available for their nonfiction reading.

Fiction: Text Connection, Visualization, Questioning, Character connection, Setting, Meaningful quote, Sequence, Point of View, Solving Problems

Nonfiction: Summarize, Main Idea and Details, Nonfiction elements, Questioning, Text Connection, Facts and Opinions, Meaningful Quote, Point of View, Vocabulary

Here are some random samples:  I print off double-sided worksheet each week!  (fiction side and nonfiction side)