This is the perfect time of year to teach limericks!  Leprechauns and St. Patty fun!  Speaking of fun, I have to share my wonderful time in DC!  I got to see some great family and friends for my actual birthday.  I know I celebrate Pamuary but this was the actual day!  My brother even had a countdown to midnight that night!  I am so glad they embrace my fun!  I then enjoyed watching my daughter cheer for Cheer Extreme Coed Elite at the Battle of the Capitol.  They were flawless!  The talent still amazes me every time I see them.  Isn’t this a cool picture of her and her stunt partner?  I know you probably think that freaks me out but I am used to it now.  My brother has a hard time watching her cheer.  It is dangerous at times and it should be considered a sport!

Oh, back to the fun limericks, I have a free instruction sheet and template for writing limericks!  I will keep it free in my store for two days!  Stop by and download!  Use the limerick instruction page on your smart board or run off a copy for each group.  This assignment can be placed in writing centers too.  It is cute for bulletin boards or poetry portfolios.  Enjoy!



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