Do your students struggle with the concept of finding words on the same page as the guide words?  When I have my students write a list of words in ABC order, I am pleased with their progress.  However, when I ask them to circle the word on the same page as the given guide words, all of a sudden they forget their ABC order skills!  Look no further!  I developed a center for you and your students to help them through this difficult skill.  I provide my students with step-by-step instructions on how to find the word on a page and they have to follow the instructions to get to the answer AND NO GUESSING ALLOWED!  I monitor their center and then check over their answer sheet to make sure they followed the steps.  After they learn this strategy, then I will give them worksheets or other practice but they must go through the center first!


There are 9 groups of words.  These are examples
of the first 2 groups.

Click here for your free copy!  Make sure you leave feedback!  Free Guide Word Center