Super Fun and Creative Ideas for Writing

I am one day away from posting my 385 page Common Core Writing Packet!  I see a light at the end of the tunnel!  My family ask me every day and I say, “I’m close!”  It has become a joke..  I really am close now though!  Honest!  While I was creating this massive document, I came across an amazing site from The School Board of Brevard County.  How cool is this?????

Pop Rocks- (teacher discretion) sizzling vocabulary, sizzling verbs, or onomatopoeia “pop”
• Gummy Bears or Teddy Grams– “beary” good writing
• Laffy Taffy or Snickers- humorous piece or section
• Bubble Gum- (teacher discretion) onomatopoeia “pop” or “Your writing blew me away!”
• Wax Lips- Voice
• 100 Grand Bar- million dollar words
• Good and Plenty- The piece was “just right”. It was good and had plenty of details or target skills
in it.
• Now and Later- circular endings
• Skittles- color words (give them a few- one of each color)
• Smarties- (teacher discretion)- mature vocabulary
• Sour Heads- sensory words
• Red Hots- Your writing is red hot!
Trinkets and Treasures:
Most of these items can be worn during your writing time and collected to be used again.
• Bubbles or balloons-“You’re writing blew me away!”
• Tiaras and crowns- Writing King or Queen of the Day
• Paper money or plastic dollar sign rings- million dollar words
• Chattering wind up teeth- voice
• Wand- Walk around the room and spread some of that magic!
• Plastic hook- beginnings (hooks)
• Plastic grabber tool or mini sticky hands- grabber beginnings
• Rubber band- stretching your words
• String- your beginning and ending tie together
• Rainbow stickers – color words
• Happy face stickers- emotion words
• Noise makers- onomatopoeia

• Clapper hands- used to applaud someone after shari

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