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Fragments and Run-ons for Interactive Notebooks

After we added Complete Sentences to the notebooks, we moved onto Fragments and Run-ons.  A fragment is missing a subject or a predicate so it is considered to be an incomplete sentence.  A run-on is two complete sentences that run together.  I love starting off the year with these lessons because I refer to them all the time!  Especially when students are writing a response to a question.  I always ask them to write in complete sentences and incorporate part of the question into the answer.

I start off with a teaching slide on my smart board and we practice together.  Then they work on notes and samples for interactive notebooks.  Don’t forget to make flaps!  Last, I give them some independent practice that I may use for a daily grade.


Tilt your head sideways!  I can’t seem to be able to flip them around!  Ha!

These pages are included in my interactive writing notebooks.  They are aligned to the Common Core standards.  I am currently working on one without Common Core standards.
I also have Paragraph Writing where you can find these sheets as well.  Happy Notebooking!!!!

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