Topic Sentences and Relevant Details

Our next mini lessons were on topic sentences and relevant details.  My little Einsteins guessed why I put “Main Street” as the graphic.  “It is the main idea of the sentence!”  Such smartie pants!  As you can see in their Interactive Notebook examples below, some students chose to create flaps and others chose to simply paste their notes and examples.  I tell my students that as long as they have the right information, they can display it however they choose.  I put the teaching slide up on my smart board while introducing the mini lesson.  Then students add it to their notebooks.  Last, I give them a printable for independent practice.

This one has tape at the top and flaps up.
For Relevant Details, I put VIP.  Once again my Einsteins said.  “VIP means very important person so you want very important details, right?”  Then one student said, “You should put VID for very important details!”  I just love it when they get as excited as I do in their learning.

This one is taped at the top to create a flap.

The examples are under the flap.

My interactive notebooks are selling like hotcakes!  I am so glad that everyone finds them so useful!  I created it for myself to make sure I covered all the standards and had teaching tools for each all nicely placed in one location.   Many lessons I’ve created throughout the years but finally compiled it into one file!  Woo woo!  It has been so easy so far!  If you are interested in Interactive Notebooks for your classroom, you can follow this blog!  If you need the teaching tools, printables, tracking forms, rubrics, etc, you can find them below or in my store!

Grades 3-6–  This one was created with Common Core Standards in mind.  I included standards but not the Grade and numbers.  That way if a teacher didn’t use the Common Core or taught several grade levels, they could pick and choose from the slides.

The Interactive bundles below are aligned to the Common Core and have standards with numbers on each slide and printable.  There are other slides included not in the Common Core standards but necessary to go through the Writing Process effectively.
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6

I also have shortened versions with standards and numbers.  This is great for someone who wants the numbers aligned and teaches two grade levels.  I took out all the same slides and charts, etc.  The standards are there but not all the fluff!
Grade 4 Shortened Version
Grade 6 Shortened Version

Last, if you are just looking for paragraph writing, this one is for you!
Paragraph Writing

Happy Writing Everyone!

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