Boy oh boy has it been a busy beginning of the year!  Our school got ipads this year and every single second I am not teaching, I am working on that ipad to find amazing resources for my kiddos.  Overwhelmed?  That’s an understatement!  And I love technology!  I just feel like I am starting over in a new grade or new school or something.  Ok, enough of my complaining.  I see the violins coming out.

Check this out!  My grade level was brainstorming ideas to put out in the hall for back to school.  In addition we were talking about putting up a background paper with the students name or something to keep up for the year where we can add their current papers.  With all kinds of nifty ideas throwing around this is what we decided.

1.  I used Whimsey Workshop clipart of a boy and girl and I erased part of their head so students could form their own.


2.  Then I added a cute frame and space to write an acrostic poem.  Students had to draw and color themselves and write an acrostic poem using their name.


3.  Then we took pictures of the kids and pasted them on a short piece of paper.  Students had to brainstorm numbers and words that represented them.

4.  We glued both pieces of work onto a long 12 X 18 piece of construction paper and laminated.

5.  Next we took four paperclips and put them a 1/4 inch above and inside each corner.  That way we can add current papers.  We taped the back to keep them in place.

6.  Last we put them up in the hall!

This is what it looks like when you add a new assignment:

When we take the assignment down and don’t have a current paper to put in the hall, it will still look decorated!  Genius right?  I love looking at their drawings of themselves and comparing it to their actual photo.  I have some artists in here!  Toats Adorbs.  What does that mean?  That is my teenager’s language for totally adorable!  What do you put in the hall at the beginning of the year?