Techniques for Teaching Writing

In order to have an effective writing program, it is important to use a variety of teaching techniques.

Modeled Writing

Use the think-aloud strategy-  Talk aloud as you are writing so students can hear your thought process.  Link to their prior knowledge.  Use the resources around the room.


Work with the students on a piece of writing.  Collaborate with students and scribe for them.  You may use this technique in large or small group settings.  It is very effective in all subject areas.  Always display the finished product in the class so students can use it as a resource.


This technique is similar to shared writing except the teacher and students share the pen.  It is helpful for reluctant writers!


Small-group setting then apply the skill through independent writing.  It is used for reteaching skills previously taught to students who are struggling with that particular skill.  This skill works well across the curriculum.


Students work with a partner or group of students to create a piece of writing together.


Students write on their own.  It may be teacher-selected or chosen by the student.  Keep in mind that independent writing should follow a lesson on a skill.   It should not always be comprised of going through the whole writing process.  This allows them to develop their writing skills, take risks, and be creative.