I am so stinking excited to teach Secret Garden this year.  I took my old version of the unit activities and completely did a facelift!  You won’t even recognize it!  This extensive unit is based on the story, Secret Garden, by Frances Hudgson Burnett and is a aligned to COMMON CORE standards with oodles of reading skills!

It has chapter questions and activity sheets that I create into a student notebook, a vocabulary quiz and a unit test.  The test has 26 questions based around BLOOM’S TAXONOMY!!!!  Answers to all the questions and tests are included.  If you are a Facebook fan, I am offering a free copy today to a winner.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/rockinteachingresources to enter!

Knowledge- multiple choice
Comprehension- sequencing
Application- predicting and finding results
Analysis- Figurative language related to the story
Synthesis- Relating character behaviors
Evaluate- Explaining thoughts and ideas

Here is a sneak peek!