Teachers and Parents: Please check each of the websites prior to using them with students. Over time, websites may change, have a broken link, or contain advertisements inappropriate for children.

1.  Pick a country to research.

2.  Research using the following websites:

Flag of the country:    FLAG

Location in the world:    LOCATION

Typical weather in that location.  Click on “Food” under that country and you will find the climate and history of the country:  CLIMATE AND HISTORY

Traditional food:  FOOD

Christmas traditions in that country:  TRADITIONS    ANOTHER SITE FOR TRADITIONS

How to say Merry Christmas in that country’s language:     MERRY CHRISTMAS

3.  Decorate a doll according to that country’s traditional clothing.

You must have access to Pinterest on your computer to see CLOTHING EXAMPLES.

Thank you for visiting our Christmas Around the World Web Quest!  If you are interested in having a passport, a cute booklet to write answers for this web quest, a doll pattern, ideas for an international food fair, and a rubric, then click on the picture below!



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