Are your students ready to write a final copy? It is the step following peer reflections in the writing process. This writing mini lesson is part of a series of lessons designed for instructional scaffolding in writer’s workshop. Read on for ideas for the last step in the writing process!

What do students need for their final copy?

For handwritten papers, students will need:

  • a rough draft
  • a sharpened pencil
  • a final copy template
  • an eraser

For typed papers, students will need:

  • a rough draft
  • a sharpened pencil
  • a computer or laptop
  • paper
  • a printer

How should students prepare for their writing?

  • Remove distractions.
  • Sit with proper posture.
  • Be ready to concentrate.

How should students write their final copy?

  • Be neat.
  • Make it error free.
  • Make it your best work.

When students finish, they should be proud of themselves! They are officially an author!

Why should students share their published paper?

This is a time for students to share and acknowledge each other’s writing! Create an author chair in your room- a special place for sharing stories and poems. Students worked hard through the writing process and will be excited to share their writing with others. They are proud of their work and rightfully so! Give them that moment to shine!

I hope this post provided you with ideas for the final copy. This completes the posts for narrative writing!  Sign up for my newsletter for more writing tips!



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