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A Series of Step-By-Step Writing® Mini Lessons

Are you looking for ideas to help your students become successful writers? This post outlines the table of contents for 30+ writing mini lessons that has proven to help students... Read More


Although any time is a good time to teach children how to persevere, I think of this character trait at the beginning of The New Year. Character education can be... Read More

Why Language Arts is the Art of Communication

Language arts is one of the most critical components in any youngster’s educational training. It encompasses the various ways that people communicate including speaking, writing, and reading. Although having many... Read More

How to Make Poster-Size Anchor Charts from a PDF

Are you lacking the creative skills to draw your own anchor charts? Don’t stress over having a perfectly drawn, colorful anchor chart. This post will show you how to take... Read More

17 Ways Kids Can Be Thankful

The holiday season is a time people reflect on gratitude and giving. November especially is the month that many teachers introduce the character trait of thankfulness for their character education... Read More

Why Language Arts is Integral to STEM

Every generation has its own idea about how to educate children and prepare them for the future. The newest trend in educational theory is something called STEM. STEM is a... Read More

Writing Mini Lesson #38 on Final Copies

Are your students ready to write a final copy? It is the step following peer reflections in the writing process. This writing mini lesson is part of a series of... Read More

Writing Mini Lesson #37 on Peer Reflections

Do your students particpate in peer reflections? Peer reflection is a step in writing process after revising and editing a rough draft and before the final copy. It is one... Read More

Writing Mini Lesson #36 on Spelling

Are you looking for teaching ideas for proofreading spelling? Students should edit their rough drafts using CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling) and this lesson focuses on the S for spelling.... Read More

Writing Mini Lesson #35 on Punctuation

Are you looking for ideas to teach PUNCTUATION to your students?  This post will review basic punctuation rules needed for an upper elementary curriculum, provide ideas for teaching them, and... Read More

Writing Mini Lesson #33 on Capitalization

Do your students need help learning rules for capitalization and symbols for proofreading in their writing? This post will review basic capitalization rules needed for an upper elementary curriculum, provide... Read More

An Easy Way to Build Good Character in the Classroom

Building good character in the classroom is essential in today’s society.  Many parents are teaching their children how to be good citizens, but educators have to step in for those... Read More


Do your standards cover mythological allusions?  If so, this is the right place for you!  I will show you an effective step-by-step approach that will help your student(s) understand or... Read More

How to Teach Inference

With the Common Core Standards in place, students are being asked more and more to use critical thinking skills to analyze literary and informational text.  Inference is a prime example... Read More


Are you looking for some writing prompts that are related to an April theme? You’ve come to the right place! This extensive list of prompts are divided into categories to... Read More

7 Writing Activities for March

Dear Teachers, although the following writing activities for March are resources in my store, I welcome you to use the ideas in your classroom by DIY without a purchase. However,... Read More

An Easy Reading Response System for Accountability

Reading Response skills and strategies are important for students to have a better understanding of their reading.  Whether you are reading a chapter book together, assigning book groups, or allowing... Read More


Are you looking for an effective way to organize your student interactive writing notebooks and folders? I’ve used writing notebooks for several years and have made changes along the way... Read More