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11 Mentor Texts for Teaching Mysteries

The children’s mystery genre has always seemed to be the unofficial antidote for any student’s allergy to reading. Suspense, thrills, action, and adventure! Mystery books can draw in even the... Read More

11 Activities for Teaching a Mystery Unit

A mystery unit is perfect for a classroom of curious kids! There’s excitement in the suspense, significance in every detail…. and spooky thrills to keep students engaged throughout the class’... Read More


Have you ever felt like there’s a tornado of thoughts, emotions, and ideas whipping around in your head and you can’t seem to figure out which way is up, down,... Read More

What is Informative Writing?

Hey Rockstars! Do you LOVE writing? I do! We’ve been talking about the three different types of writing: Narrative, Opinion, and Informative. In this post, we’re focusing on informative writing. What... Read More

What is Opinion Writing?

Teaching OPINION WRITING can seem intimidating, but it’s really not…or maybe that’s just my opinion! :/ Here’s why: young minds have OPINIONS on almost everything! In most elementary curriculums, you will... Read More

What is Narrative Writing?

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering, “What is narrative writing?” You’re just in luck, because I LOVE writing! Writing is my jam! In most elementary curricula, you will find the THREE... Read More

10 Ideas for Back-to-School Treat Bags (Non-food ideas included!)

3-2-1! HAPPY NEW SCHOOL YEAR! Yes, it’s already here. Can you believe it? Summer flew by, but we’re so excited to ROCK this year with you! I spent my summer... Read More

My Favorite Must-Haves for Classroom Organization

Organization plays an integral part in helping to keep busy classrooms on track with lesson plans, due dates, and life! If you’ve found yourself swimming in a pile of papers,... Read More

Back to School – First Week of School Lesson Plans and Activities

The countdown is on! Teachers, it’s almost time for you and your students to go BACK TO SCHOOL! Are you ready for a fresh crop of young minds? The beginning of... Read More

What is the Difference Between Narrative, Opinion, and Informative Writing?

In order to compose a clear and concise paper, a writer greatly benefits by jump-starting their process with questions! By asking themselves some questions about the intent and purpose of... Read More


In terms of writing, this may be where many parents find themselves really butting heads with their students. Many kids don’t see the point of writing outside of school, or... Read More

Huge List of Easy Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

When most people hear the term summer slide, their heads probably fill with images of water parks or lazy days at the playground. The term conjures up far more stressful... Read More

Mentor Text to Celebrate Diversity in the Classroom!

There’s a beautiful and vast amount of human diversity on this planet, but not everyone understands how to recognize differences and similarities in a kind way. Within these texts, students... Read More

Building Friendships in the Classroom Using Lyrics

Make new friends,  But keep the old,  One is silver and the other gold.  In the 1970s, thousands of Girl Scouts and Brownies would link arms, stand in friendship circles... Read More

20 Mentor Texts that Reveal the Power of Positive Thinking

“You do not find the happy life. YOU MAKE IT.” – Camilla Eyring Kimball Deadlines, bills, relationships, work, and loss are only a few of the common stressors that we... Read More

How to use Lyrics for Conflict Resolution

Google ‘The gangs fight in the street, West Side Story’ and you’ll see 7 ‘gangsters’ dancing their way into battle. With their nice sweaters and gym shoes, they do twists... Read More


You’ve made the important and necessary decision to spend some time on direct instruction for academic vocabulary. If you hadn’t made that decision, allow us to convince you with this... Read More

Long List of Song Lyrics For Classroom Management

Everybody clap your hands…clap, clap, clap, clap. Have you ever tried a lyric to get your students’ attention? Developing rules and routines is one thing. Finding ways to implement them... Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Teach Academic Vocabulary

Vocabulary instruction is something that many teachers struggle to include in their busy schedules. Best practices require many repetitions and exposures to new words for students to actually acquire them... Read More

Top 20 Lyrical Mentor Text To Teach Literacy – You got the beat!

Clap along if you know what happiness is to you…                       Because I’m happy       Clap along if... Read More