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10 Steps to Prepare for Writing Workshop

Are you ready for writing this year?  This post will take you through ten steps to prepare your classroom for writing workshop.  If your room or writing center is ready... Read More

Notice, Think, and Wonder!

Are you looking for a great way to encourage a critical thinking conversation? This activity works well on the smart board for class discussion or printed off for group discussion.... Read More

Keeping a Memory Book of Students

So much has happened since my last day of school a week ago!  Where do I even start?  You would think I would have all the time in the world... Read More

10 Simple Steps to Making Chocolate Bars

Who loves chocolate?  Me me me me me me!!!!!! Did I say me?  Believe it or not but I am sitting in the dentist office with my daughter and what... Read More

Effective Way to Teach Students How to Give Book Report Presentations!

Do you have trouble keeping students’ attention during book report presentations?  Are your students ever so excited to present that it takes every ounce of energy from YOU to keep... Read More

Headbandz Social Studies Review

We had so much fun today!  We all needed to get up and moving around, so why not get the students engaged? Studying and reviewing can get very boring. I... Read More

Examples of Going West Journals

Not only are the covers of these journals creative, but my students’ writing blew me away!  They really jumped into the 1840’s and wrote with incredible feelings.  I actually found... Read More

Valentine’s Day Sweet Parts of Speech

Here is a cute way to have your students practice parts of speech around Valentine’s Day!  There are 68 words to sort into nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.  One of... Read More

The Best Ways to Teach Revising and Editing

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Martin Luther King Jr. Activity

Since we were gone for two weeks and it is a new year, I wanted to put up a new bulletin board.  I thought I would put up a Martin... Read More

More Writing Lessons for Narrative Writing

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Native American Unit

This Native American Unit is one of my favorite units! It motivates students to want to learn about the history of Native Americans of North America (Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains,... Read More

Guest Post with Rachel Lynette

I am so excited to see my post on Rachel Lynette’s site! Go to Rachel’s website:  Minds In Bloom to learn more about high-level thinking activities and freebies!!!!!! Related Post Secret... Read More

Native American Dream Catchers

Oki Ni-Kso-Ko-Wa (Hello my relatives)!  What better way to teach Native American culture than to make a dream catcher!  Whenever I want to motivate my fourth graders for a writing... Read More

Topic Sentences and Relevant Details

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Fragments and Run-ons for Interactive Notebooks

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Archaeology Dig- Fun!!!

Before I tell you about this motivating project, I have to tell you about the amazing woman who planned this activity for our fourth graders.  Yes, our one and only... Read More

Writing Process Using Narrative Writing

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Interactive Notebook for 3rd Grade

This STEP-BY-STEP WRITING® PROGRAM IS A COMPLETE WRITER’S WORKSHOP PROGRAM with engaging lessons (scripted), anchor charts, modeling, mentor text, interactive notebook pages, practice and all the tools necessary to teach and... Read More