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Graphic Organizer

Click here for an updated post on GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS!... Read More

Reading Bulletin Boards for the Year

Hello!  I am still here!  I had to take a little hiatus and have a big ole shindig for my daughter graduating from high school!  I know I know, I... Read More

Weekly Teaching Idea- Prefix, Suffix, Stem

I have been working on a unit because I want to reteach prefixes, suffixes, and stem words next week before our state exam.  I introduce them throughout the year and... Read More

Guide Words

Do your students struggle with the concept of finding words on the same page as the guide words?  When I have my students write a list of words in ABC... Read More


This is the perfect time of year to teach limericks!  Leprechauns and St. Patty fun!  Speaking of fun, I have to share my wonderful time in DC!  I got to... Read More

Common Core Reading Log for 3rd Quarter

Do you need a new reading log?  Half-way through last quarter I got tired (or worn slap out as they say in the south) of my sameo sameo reading log.... Read More

Santa's Similes

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner!  It is the most exciting time of the year for my little elves and for me!  I love the ho ho... Read More

Mystery Book Report- 5 Steps

My kids love mysteries!  After my fourth graders picked a good mystery book and read it from cover to cover, we created Mystery Book Reports.  Although this is included in... Read More

Nursery Rhyme Mysteries

These were so stinkin fun!  I started off by telling my fourth graders they were going to read some Nursery Rhymes and they all looked at me like I was... Read More

Acrostic and BioPoems

I like to start off the year with Acrostic Poems. Then we work on Biopoems.  These are so precious!  I put these in the front of their writing portfolios.  I... Read More