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Writing Process Using Narrative Writing

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Interactive Notebook for 3rd Grade

This STEP-BY-STEP WRITING® PROGRAM IS A COMPLETE WRITER’S WORKSHOP PROGRAM with engaging lessons (scripted), anchor charts,... Read More

Ideas for Writing

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Paragraph Writing

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Graphic Organizer

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Reading Bulletin Boards for the Year

Hello!  I am still here!  I had to take a little hiatus and have a... Read More

Weekly Teaching Idea- Prefix, Suffix, Stem

I have been working on a unit because I want to reteach prefixes, suffixes, and... Read More

Guide Words

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This is the perfect time of year to teach limericks!  Leprechauns and St. Patty fun!... Read More

Common Core Reading Log for 3rd Quarter

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Santa’s Similes

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner!  It is the most exciting time... Read More

Mystery Book Report- 5 Steps

My students love mysteries! After my fourth graders picked a good mystery book and read... Read More

Nursery Rhyme Mysteries

These were so stinkin fun!  I started off by telling my fourth graders they were... Read More