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OUT OF ALL THE INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS, WRITING IS MY FAVORITE!  MY STUDENTS HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH AND BECAME EFFECTIVE WRITERS!  I don’t hesitate to jump right in the first week of school.  We start decorating notebooks and preparing folders for published work.

Notebook Preparation:
1.       Print Student Resource Pages.   I include things like: Types of figurative language, million dollar words, creative beginnings and endings, the writing process, etc.  (I have these separately in my store, Student Resources  but it you purchased one of my bundles, it is included!)  I have students place these at the beginning of their notebooks.  This way, they always have a resource to use!  In the composition books, resources will need to be folded over after they are glued or provide a separate folder to keep them in.
         ANOTHER RESOURCE:  Go to my store and print off the FREE Spelling Dictionary.  Students will need this when editing their writing.
2.     At Meet the Teacher (or whenever works for you) pass out instructions on how to decorate the cover page for the notebook.  For binders with plastic sleeves, give students 8.5 X 11 cardstock to slide in their clear sleeve.  For composition books and notebooks, they can glue their items directly on the front cover.

3.      Place the Writing Process on a writing bulletin board.  Use small metal binder rings to attach them.  Don’t staple onto the board.  Use clothespins with students name on them so they can move their name down the process.  You can paint your clothespins to match your decor!  This will show you where students are in the process at a quick glance.  If you have a magnet surface and magnets, that works too!  You can download the posters for free here:  Writing Posters.  They are also in the bundles!

         ******Print off any of the other colorful posters to use in your writing center or bulletin board.  Laminate. 

4.  Create a poster or part of wall for students to write the titles of their published books.  I’ve used chain links before too!  Anything works!

Set up Writer’s Notebook

5.  When students bring in their cover page creation, place it in the front clear sleeve.  If there isn’t a sleeve, use clear packaging tape and tape it on for them.  (This will need to be done if using composition books)
6.  Have students create their tabs.  (Resources, Ideas, Craft or Mini-Lessons, My Own Writing)  In binders, use 8 X 12 Color Card Stock and let the students write and decorate each one.
            ****For binders, Place paper inside “Mini-Lessons”  “My Own Writing”
6.     Create a Table of Contents for the first page in “Writer’s Craft or Mini-Lessons.”  As students learn the standards and the mini lessons, they will need to number their pages and keep track on the Table of Contents page.
7.      CREATE a label for their published (final copies).  I do not keep their final copies in the notebooks.  I collect everything that they have published throughout the year- poems, stories, writing across the curriculum, etc and place them in a folder with brass fasteners.  I file them each nine weeks and allow them to take them home for parent review.  (parent note included)  At the end of the year, they get to keep their final product!  I also set these out on tables when having parent/teacher conferences so parents have something to look at while they are waiting.  
Waaaaaaallllllllaaaaaa!  You are ready to get rockin in your writing!  Happy Writing!  

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