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Reading Bulletin Boards for the Year

Hello!  I am still here!  I had to take a little hiatus and have a big ole shindig for my daughter graduating from high school!  I know I know, I... Read More

Weekly Teaching Idea- Prefix, Suffix, Stem

I have been working on a unit because I want to reteach prefixes, suffixes, and stem words next week before our state exam.  I introduce them throughout the year and... Read More

Guide Words

Do your students struggle with the concept of finding words on the same page as the guide words?  When I have my students write a list of words in ABC... Read More


Click here for an updated POETRY BLOG POST! Related Post Acrostic and BioPoems Limericks Poetry Month Ideas!!!! Haiku Poetry... Read More

Poetry Portfolio with Adorable Templates!

New Item:To go along with my popular Poetry Slam product, I created student templates to use for the final copy.  I have several ideas for this cute little booklet.  It... Read More


This is the perfect time of year to teach limericks!  Leprechauns and St. Patty fun!  Speaking of fun, I have to share my wonderful time in DC!  I got to... Read More

Common Core Reading Log for 3rd Quarter

Do you need a new reading log?  Half-way through last quarter I got tired (or worn slap out as they say in the south) of my sameo sameo reading log.... Read More

Santa's Similes

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner!  It is the most exciting time of the year for my little elves and for me!  I love the ho ho... Read More

Mystery Book Report- 5 Steps

My kids love mysteries!  After my fourth graders picked a good mystery book and read it from cover to cover, we created Mystery Book Reports.  Although this is included in... Read More

Nursery Rhyme Mysteries

These were so stinkin fun!  I started off by telling my fourth graders they were going to read some Nursery Rhymes and they all looked at me like I was... Read More

Acrostic and BioPoems

I like to start off the year with Acrostic Poems. Then we work on Biopoems.  These are so precious!  I put these in the front of their writing portfolios.  I... Read More

Haiku Poetry

We had so much fun writing Haikus!  We read Grandfather’s Journey which is a wonderful biography about a Japanese man who travels back and forth from the US to Japan.... Read More

Poetry Month Ideas!!!!

Since I am on spring break right now, I am not in the classroom.  However, I am always searching through amazing ideas from teachers all over the world.  EVEN WITH... Read More