Are you looking for ways to ROCK your writing instruction? You’ve found the right person to help! Pam knows what she is talking about when it comes to the writing process. Writing is her jam! She figured out what truly helps educators and homeschool parents teach writing to even the most reluctant writers! Pam was in the classroom for 26 years, has a Master’s Degree, National Board Certification, and serves as a writing coach. Her scaffolding approach to writing has helped thousands of teachers, and the excitement in the feedback gets a standing ovation every time! She offers MANY effective avenues to help you teach writing like a ROCKSTAR, and she wants you to be successful. Here you will find information about what she has to offer for writing instruction, including a FREE MASTERCLASS.

Learn about:

  • ROCKSTAR WRITERS TRAINING (professional development)

  • STEP-BY-STEP WRITING PROGRAM (printable or digital)

  • MINI-LESSON VIDEOS (perfect for distance learning)


  • FREE MASTERCLASS!!!! (Scroll to the end)



Helping struggling writers shouldn’t feel like you’re missing the beat. With the help of Rockstar Writers for GRADES 3-5, you will transform Reluctant Writers into ROCKSTAR WRITERS!  Pam takes you through 6 professional development modules and a bonus model while motivating and encouraging you along the way. By the end of the training, you will be doing her motivational chant, Writing is My Jam, right along with her! Even the videographers were chanting along while taping the course! 🙂  Although Pam uses her writing program in the videos to show the breakdown of mini-lessons and how to model writing for students, this training works with any writing curriculum that follows the steps of the writing process. It takes the guesswork out of modeling an effective essay. She models an essay all the way from prewriting to the final copy. In addition, Pam offers instructional strategies along the way. Each type of writing is broken down into 20+ mini-lessons. She doesn’t miss a beat!

Module 1– Organization and Vision (Motivate, Educate, Differentiate)

Module 2– Sentence Structure and Paragraph Writing

Modules 3-5 follow the Writing Process

(Prewriting, Rough Draft, Revisions, Editing, Peer Reflection, Final Copy)

Module 3– Narrative Writing

Module 4– Opinion Writing

Module 5– Informative Writing

Module 6– CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling) Rules for any type of writing.

Bonus Module– Progress Monitoring- How to assess your students.

Do you want her to explain these items in video form? Click below. She explains it all!




This writing program is used in thousands of GRADES 1-8 classrooms and was designed to provide a step-by-step approach through the writing process. It has been proven to raise test scores and get reluctant writers excited about writing! Teach little chunks at a time using the scaffolded mini-lessons.

Using this step-by-step program, you will be prepped and ready to model lessons through explicit teaching. You will also know what to say, keep your students engaged, and learn ways to differentiate instruction.

Check out EVERYTHING included in the PDF version!






  • Scripted lessons with differentiation
  • SUPPORT– Are you struggling with your instruction? Join the FB Group or email me!
  • Pacing guide
  • Anchor Charts for every lesson
  • Differentiated interactive notebook pages. (Mini anchor charts are also provided for those who struggle with interactive pages.)
  • Mentor Text lists and examples (different in each grade level)
  • MODEL of each type of writing scaffolded from prewriting to a final copy
  • Practice worksheets
  • Task cards
  • Forms, checklists, rubrics
  • Million Dollar Word dictionary and spelling dictionary
  • Writing prompt passages and cards
  • Weekly writing format
  • Final copy templates
  • All future updates and add-ons.

Do you want to read more about the printable writing program? Click below.


What about the digital version?

This version is currently available for GRADES 3-5. This a preview for the Narrative Writing portion of the program so you can see what is included.























NOW YOU CAN TAKE YOUR WRITING INSTRUCTION through distance learning! This full year of INTERACTIVE step-by-step writing units was designed for Grades 3-5. It comes in POWERPOINT and GOOGLE! It has the same units and mini-lessons as the PDF version.


1. TEACHER NOTES: It has SCRIPTED lesson plans and ideas, links to the GOOGLE resources, answer keys, a checklist, and a rubric.

2. ANCHOR CHARTS: There are anchor charts to teach every skill in GOOGLE and PowerPoint.

3. DIGITAL INTERACTIVE NOTE-TAKING: They are included for every skill. They have directions, moveable pieces, and fill-in-the-box. It is in GOOGLE and PowerPoint.

4. INTERACTIVE PRACTICE: There is practice for many of the mini-lessons. They have moveable pieces and text boxes. These are great for independent work and homework. It is in GOOGLE and PowerPoint.

5. SELF-CHECK PRACTICE 1: It comes in Google Slides or PowerPoint and needs to be placed in presentation mode. Students click the answers, and it automatically tells them if they are right or wrong. If it is wrong, it goes back to the question. This one does not track and report the right and wrong answers. 4 Practice Skills are in each unit, with 24 questions per skill.

6. SELF-CHECK PRACTICE 2 C.U.P.S FOR EDITING.: It is set up the same as the other SELF-CHECK PRACTICE. There are 24 questions per skill (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling). You will find this in each of the essay units.

7. MODEL AND APPLY: For each lesson, there is a model of that skill that builds into an effective essay. There is also a place for students to apply that skill to build their essays.

8. ASSESSMENT: There are two versions in each unit. One in PowerPoint and one in GOOGLE FORMS for automatic grading.

You will also find:

★ Original Mentor Text and Mentor Text Suggested List

★ Spelling Dictionary

★ Pacing Guide

★ Character Traits Dictionary

★ Word Choice Dictionary

★ Writing Goal Form

★ Reflection From

★ Moveable Checklist

★ Rubric

★ Tracking Form

★ Tons of Word Lists for easy brainstorming

★ 5 Prompt Passages in Opinion and Informative

★ 12 additional Prompts per each essay

★ Weekly Writing Template



These mini-lesson videos are also called STUDENT VERSIONS. The videos were created for GRADES 3-5 and can be used in numerous ways.

  • Place in a center.
  • Add them to a password-protected website for student access.
  • Send to an absent student.
  • Use in a homeschool setting or DISTANCE LEARNING.
  • Project for whole group.
  • Leave them for a substitute.
  • Go along with professional development and the writing program.

Let’s face it, every rockstar needs a break from time to time. Enter the Rockstar Writers Student Version to save the day! Just pull up your lesson and let Pam do the teaching for you. Most of these mini-lesson videos are less than 5 minutes long, so you can teach in small chunks. You will hear Pam’s voice along with visual cues and animations in the lesson. She will walk through the same elements on the anchor chart shown in the professional development and the writing program. Then she will share examples and model the lesson. Some of the videos offer practice (with answers) and mentor text examples. Take a break and let Pam teach the lesson!

Check out this example of a lesson in sentence structure. In the essay writing videos, there is modeling in each video to build an effective essay.




When purchasing the ROCKSTAR WRITERS TRAINING, I include exclusive access to additional materials (outside of the step-by-step writing program). This BACKSTAGE PASS has other writing materials that will help you with writing instruction. There are additional training videos, progress monitoring materials, and so much more. It is an ongoing writing library! After creating the program, I kept on making more resources to enhance student writing! This is in an ongoing library.



Pam wants to be there for you. She offers this exclusive FB group for anyone who has the Step-by-Step Writing® Program, Rockstar Writers Professional Development, or Mini-Lesson Videos. Let’s face it, everything is better with friends! Join a band of ROCKSTAR educators who will encourage and support you along your journey of transforming reluctant writers into ROCKSTAR WRITERS with Pam’s training or curriculum! There is no more Living on a Prayer! Get all the support you need to shine on the writing stage!





Keep Rockin’,