You decide to skip over writing instruction. You squeeze in some writing prompts or writing responses here and there and call it a day. So what happens when you don’t teach writing? I know first-hand what happens and it isn’t pretty. I worked with a group of high school students writing college entrance essays. Most of them didn’t know where to begin. They needed direct instruction on how to write an effective essay. From strong leads to descriptive writing and closing with a bang, they were lost. Where is this disconnect in our education system? Read on for some shocking facts. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the danger zone! You will also find solutions to turn things around.


I stumbled upon these shocking stats and my mouth dropped. How can this be happening in our society? Why isn’t writing a focus in our curriculum or teacher prep courses?

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked since I experienced it first-hand with high school students, but these statistics really put things into perspective. Then…


I’ve been conducting polls over the years to my teacher following on how much time they had to teach writing. Although I have to say my last poll was better than the last, I still can’t understand why some teachers aren’t given the time.

Here are some jaw-dropping responses:

  • “Technically I don’t have a writing time.
  • “I have 20 minutes and it is in a center.”
  • “I have 30 min. a day but honestly I’ve only taught it a handful of times. The lessons suck and we always run out of time.”
  • “I am departmentalized and have 90 minutes to teach Reading and Writing. So, unfortunately writing takes a back seat. It’s usually 10-20 minutes.”
  • I never have enough time! I see each of my classes for 60 minutes and have to teach all language arts and science within that time.”
  • “Technically no writing block. I’m supposed to fit it in with my reading block which has 2 or 3 reading groups and whole group instruction.”
  • “I wish I had more time.”

This is heart-wrenching, troublesome, and certainly in the danger zone. If elementary and middle grades are not given time or effective materials to teach writing, then no wonder high school students can’t write an essay! It needs to start in the early years of education and build on each year. I am going to continue pushing to MAKE WRITING A PRIORITY!!!! Writing is life-long skill. Then….


Can my mouth drop any further? Yes. I did another poll and asked: What is your biggest painpoint in teaching writing?

#1 response:

Lack of confidence and not knowing HOW to teach writing

Other responses included:

  • Kids who don’t write anything (I call them reluctant writers.)
  • Scattered curriculum
  • Everything 🙁
  • Grading writing
  • Motivation and stamina
  • Developing details
  • Conferencing
  • Getting Started
  • Revising and Editing

This poll makes me realize that teachers are struggling and crying out for help. They need to know how to teach writing! It will build the confidence they need in the classroom. It will in turn help their students soar! If administration wants to see impressive test scores, it is time to make a change.


I can summarize it for you. It is simple. Give teachers what they need:





I told you I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Let me start by telling you I was that teacher who lacked confidence in teaching writing. My degree didn’t prepare me to teach the writing process, sentence structure, paragraph writing, or essay writing. I wanted a change. So what did I do? I took action. I developed an effective writing program for Grades 1-8 to give teachers what they need.

1. KNOWLEDGE: I provide detailed step-by-step mini-lessons scaffolded in the perfect order. I include scripted lessons and explicit teaching so teachers don’t have to second-guess how teach. This knowledge will build confidence in teaching writing. I also include resources to make writing fun for students along with tips to motivate those reluctant writers!

2. TIME: Give teachers everything they need right at their fingertips, including pacing guides, modeling and practice! Teachers won’t feel the need to skip over teaching writing. It saves precious time! We all know how little planning time teachers have each week. This makes it easy for them! I also break all of the lessons within each type of writing into mini lessons. That way if you are not allotted an appropriate amount of time, you can work through a piece of writing bit by bit.

3.  SUPPORT:  Offer teachers the support they need to be successful. There is a private Facebook group to bounce ideas and give teachers the help they need to build confidence and support each other. I didn’t forget about supporting the students too! I supply tools for differentiation and progress monitoring.

With over 100,000 teachers and homeschool parents using my resources, I can assure you that Rockin’ Resources can be trusted! I spent 26 years in the classroom, have a Masters Degree and National Board Certification. I also work as a writing coach. I promise that I take my time to perfect my resources, try it out, and show proof of success. After THREE YEARS in the works, drum roll please… I offer on-line training for GRADES 3-5!


It is fit for True Rockstar Educators!

Tens of thousands of teachers are already using my Step-by-Step Writing Program with Interactive Notebooks. It is available for Grades 1-8. Samantha said, “I cannot thank you enough. It takes all the guess work out of teaching writing. I no longer have to search and search for different resources to supplement my lessons. This has it all. Thank you again for creating this comprehensive program.”

Now I am super excited to offer TRAINING to go along with it!

(You don’t have to have the writing program to take the training.)


I go step-by-step through sentence structure, paragraph writing, narrative writing, opinion writing, and informative writing. There will be no second-guessing on what to do with your students. I even model each type of essay through the writing process: Prewriting-Rough Draft- Revise- Edit- Peer Reflection- Final Copy. I also have a module for organization, motivation, and differentiation. As a bonus, I included a progress monitoring module. Learn more HERE.

You will have to check out the bundles too!

You can get it all in the Hall of Fame Bundle

  1. Rockstar Writers Online Training – An online training for teachers and homeschool parents.
  2. Step-by-Step Writing Program with Interactive Notebooks- A year-long downloadable writing program. Choose your grade level.
  3. VIP Access- A vault of additional resources exclusive to course members.
  4. Student Versions-  (If you have a student who is absent, there is a sub, or you just need a break for the day, let me do the teaching! Each mini-lesson has its own video!)
  5. Support- An exclusive FB group for anyone who has the program or course.





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