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Headbandz Social Studies Review

I am cracking up as I write this.  We had so much fun today.  It is easy to get grouchy since we have been testing all week and still have a last review for SS test tomorrow.  My computer is shot!  I had planned on playing the Jeopardy game I made to take the kids through all of our history lessons.  Well, our computer tech guy came in today of all days!  I really wanted him to take my computer though.  So what do you think I did? No I didn’t highjack the Apple truck.  Silly beans.  I came up with last minute idea.  You know the drill!  We are constantly thinking, sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, jotting ideas down.  When I told my students we weren’t playing jeopardy, they started to complain until I explained the multiple meaning word “flexible.”  I pretended to stretch then I explained my job requires flexibility.  I told them that I came up with a different game and they will enjoy it just as much!  I wrote words from our SS review on sticky notes by dividing them I colors.  Pink was people.  Yellow was groups of people. Green was places.  Blue was things.  Then I wrote each of our main units on the board.  I handed out the sticky notes and they had to group them according to the right unit.    Next I did a walk through history and we talked about each of the words ( of course we had to move a few because my brilliant little ones are not perfect).  Then I divided them up into 6 groups and gave one student a headband from the game Headbandz.  I handed out index cards with the same words on them.  They took turns guessing what word was in their head!  They could start by asking “Am I a person?”. Then go on to say “Am I from the Revolutionary War?” and so on.  Fun!  The following pictures show us laughing and learning!  Now, it isn’t the neatest thing in the world because I wa rushing but it certainly was a blast!   

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