We had so much fun today!  We all needed to get up and moving around, so why not get the students engaged? Studying and reviewing can get very boring. I decided on this activity last minute, because I had planned on playing the Jeopardy game I made to take the kids through all of our history lessons.  Of all the days for my computer to not work. As teachers, we are constantly thinking, sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night, jotting ideas down. When I told my students we weren’t playing jeopardy, they started to complain until I explained the meaning of being flexible. I pretended to stretch (flexible) then I explained my job requires flexibility.  I told them that I came up with a different game and they will enjoy it just as much!


I wrote words from our SS review on sticky notes by dividing them I colors.

Pink for people.

Yellow for groups of people.

Green for places.

Blue for things.

Then I wrote each of our main units on the board.  I handed out the sticky notes and they had to group them according to the right unit.



Next, we did a little walk through history and talked about each of the words and why they were in each category.



Then, I divided them up into 6 groups and gave one student a headband from the game Headbandz.  I handed out index cards with the same words on them.  (Of course you could add different ones too.) They took turns guessing what word was on their headband!  They could start by asking “Am I a person?” Then go on to say “Am I from the Revolutionary War?” and so on. It was so much fun. Students were motivated to review!

The following pictures show us laughing and learning!


I hope this gives you an idea or two to review with your class with an engaging activity! It was a huge hit in my class!