What is the Difference Between Step-by-Step Writing and Rockstar Writers?

Many people ask me the difference between my trademarked Step-by-Step Writing® and Rockstar Writers®. It is a simple explanation! Step-by-Step Writing is a writing program, whereas Rockstar Writers is a three-component system that includes the Step-by-Step Writing program. Let’s break it down.

Step-by-Step Writing®

Step-by-Step Writing is a registered trademarked writing program for Grades 1-8. It is available in printable and digital versions. Each grade level has units that cover brainstorming, the writing process (including lessons on editing and revising), sentence writing, paragraph writing, and three types of essay writing. Each program has approximately 80 mini-lessons. Step-by-Step Writing is research-based and standard-based. Easily guide students through essay writing by building upon each mini-lesson until they have a compelling final copy. Below, you will see what is included for explicit teaching. It also includes engaging materials and ways to differentiate.

Rockstar Writers®

Rockstar Writers includes the Step-by-Step Writing program but also has over 80 mini-lesson instructional videos, a digital version, and instructor training.

Three Important Components:

  • Step-by-Step Writing: This program is described above. It comes in printable and digital versions that can be used interchangeably. It included grade-level grammar lessons in the editing stage!
  • Instructional Videos: These animated videos are designed to keep students’ attention and are available for every lesson in Step-by-Step Writing. They will give the instructor a breather and are perfect for e-learning, absent students, and substitutes! They provide quick instructions for each mini-lesson (most are under 5 minutes). They can be downloaded and sent directly to students.
  • Training and Support: Rock your writing instruction with training and support! Build your confidence with training in every unit. Plus, there is training for progress monitoring, note-taking, and much more! There are scripted lesson plans to eliminate guesswork, chaos, and confusion! There are exemplars so you can confidently model each lesson! And there is a Facebook group if you need more guidance!

So basically, there is something for everyone. Do you just need the printable Step-by-Step Writing program, or do you need the three components? You will see some mini-lesson videos and digital writing resources in those stores, too, but individual grade-level videos, digital resources, and instructional training can only be found on Rockstar Writers. And don’t hesitate to contact us through the site for custom orders! We want to ensure you have exactly what you need to ROCK YOUR WRITING INSTRUCTION!

Keep Rockin,