In an argumentative essay, a warrant is the underlying assumption that connects the claim and evidence. It explains how or why the evidence is relevant to the claim and persuades the reader to accept the argument as valid. Essentially, the warrant provides the reasoning and logic that links the claim (the central argument or thesis) to the evidence (facts, examples, data, etc.). It bridges the gap between the two by showing that the evidence supports the claim.

For example, if the claim is that “Regular exercise improves overall health,” the evidence might be a study showing a reduction in heart disease risk among individuals who exercise regularly. The warrant would be the implied or stated connection between this study and the claim, explaining that because the study demonstrates a link between exercise and reduced heart disease risk, it supports the claim that exercise improves overall health.

In essence, the warrant is a critical component of effective argumentation, as it helps readers understand the logical connection between the evidence presented and the argument being made, making the argument more persuasive.

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