In an argumentative essay, a claim is the central point or thesis statement you are making and attempting to persuade your readers to accept. You are advocating the main argument or position throughout the essay. A strong and well-defined claim is essential for a compelling argumentative essay.

Here are some key characteristics of a claim in an argumentative essay:

Clear and Specific

Your claim should be concise and clearly stated, making it easy for your readers to understand your position.


A strong claim can be disputed or argued. It should not be a statement of fact but rather a statement that requires evidence and argumentation.


Your claim should address a specific aspect of the topic. It shouldn’t be too broad or vague.

Arguable Position

Your claim represents your stance on the issue or topic and should be arguable. This means that there should be valid opposing viewpoints that you will address in your essay.


Your claim should be supported by evidence, such as facts, statistics, examples, or expert opinions. Your essay will present this evidence to persuade your readers of the validity of your claim.

Relevant to the Topic

Your claim should relate directly to the topic or issue you discuss in the essay.

Focused on a Single Idea

An argumentative essay should typically revolve around a single central claim. If you have multiple claims, it may dilute the clarity and strength of your argument. For example, suppose you are writing an argumentative essay about the benefits of online education. In that case, your central claim might be: “Online education offers several advantages over traditional classroom-based learning, such as greater flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.”

Throughout your essay, you will provide evidence and reasoning to support and defend this claim, persuading your readers of its validity. Presenting a clear and compelling claim to guide your essay and engage your audience is essential.

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