Teaching Greek and Latin words is essential for several reasons. Believe it or not, it isn’t just for building a robust vocabulary! Read on to find the 8 SURPRISING REASONS TO TEACH GREEK AND LATIN ROOTS AND AFFIXES.

1. Enhanced Vocabulary:

Greek and Latin are the roots of many English words. By teaching these roots, prefixes, and suffixes, students can expand their vocabulary significantly. They gain the ability to decipher the meanings of unfamiliar words they encounter in reading, which improves comprehension and language skills.

2. Word Recognition:

Understanding the origins of words helps students recognize and remember words more easily. When they encounter a new word with a familiar Greek or Latin root, they can make educated guesses about its meaning.

3. Improved Spelling:

Many English words have complex spellings, but learning Greek and Latin roots can help students spell words more accurately. Understanding the origins of words can provide clues about their correct spellings.

4. Enhanced Reading Comprehension:

Knowledge of Greek and Latin roots contributes to better reading comprehension. Students can infer the meanings of words and phrases from the context of a text more effectively when they recognize root words.

5. Academic Achievement:

Students who study Greek and Latin words tend to perform better in standardized tests, including SAT and GRE. These tests often include vocabulary sections that are easier for students with a strong grasp of word origins.

6. Cultural and Historical Awareness:

Teaching Greek and Latin words also exposes students to the rich history and culture of ancient civilizations. This knowledge can broaden their horizons and provide a deeper understanding of the development of language and human civilization.

7. Language Exploration:

Learning about Greek and Latin roots can inspire an interest in language and etymology, encouraging students to explore the structure and evolution of words in various languages.

8. Professional and Academic Advancement:

A strong vocabulary is an asset in various fields, including science, medicine, law, and academia. Understanding Greek and Latin roots can help students excel in these areas.

In summary, you will be doing your students a huge favor by introducing Greek and Latin Root Words and Affixes.

Keep rockin’!

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