From the previous blog post, you learned the eight reasons why it is important to teach Greek and Latin root words and affixes. This list shows A MASSIVE LIST OF GREEK AND LATIN PREFIXES, ROOT WORDS, AND SUFFIXES. And guess what? All of these are included in our Greek and Latin Units! Imagine filling your students with such a robust vocabulary that will last a lifetime!


ab- from, away from, apart

absent- to be away from school or a meeting

absorb- to soak up, draw liquid away

anti- against

antiseptic–  thoroughly clean

antiwar- opposes armed conflict

auto- self

autobiography- a story written about yourself

autoimmune–  a failure to fight infection because organisms don’t recognize their own cells

bi- 2

bilingual– having 2 languages

bifocals– glasses with 2 lenses

bio- life

biology- the science of life or living matter and all its forms

biography– a written account of another person’s life

cent-  100

centennial– 100 years

centimeter– 1/100 of a meter

ciru/m- around

circuit- an act or instance of going or moving around; a circular journey

circumference– the distance around a circular shape; the outer boundary of a circular area

com- together with

company-  a group of people who work or gather together

community-  an area inhabited by a group of people; a social group of people gathered together

contra- against

contradict–  argue against

contraband- things brought in or our of a country illegally

dec- 10

decade– 10 years

decathlon– athletic contest with 10 events

dia- across, beyond

diagonal- a straight line joining two opposite corners

diameter-  a straight line passing from side to

side through the center of a circular  body

dict- say, tell

dictate- to say or give words, directions or orders

dictator– a ruler or tyrant who tells citizens what to do

dis- not, opposite of

disagree- to not agree

disable– to make unfit or unable to work

dys- different

dyslexia– difficult in learning to read

dysfunctional–  not operating normally

epi- upon, over

epidemic– a disease spreading over an entire population

epicenter– a point directly over the center of the disturbance

ex- outer

exoskeleton–  an external covering

exit– a way out

extra- beyond

extraordinary- beyond ordinary

extravagant– going beyond what is necessary; highly excessive

fract, frag- to break

fracture- a crack or break in a bone or object

fraction– a part of a whole

grat- thanks, pleasing

congratulations– best wishes or compliments after a major accomplishment

gratifude– appreciation or thankfulness

hexa- 6

hexagon– having 6 angles

hexameter– a line of verse with 6 metrical feet

hyper- excessive

hyperbole– intentional exaggeration

hyperactive–  overactive; unusually full of activity

hypo- under, less than

hypocrite- one whose actions are less than professed beliefs

hypodermic- under the skin

mar- sea

mariner–  sailor

maritime– having to do with the sea or ocean

mater- mother

maternal– motherly

animae–  to bring to life

mega- great

megapixels–  million pixels used for camera resolution

megaphone– device to make voice louder

micro- small

microphone- an instrument used to amplify a voice or sound to make it louder

microwave- a cooking oven which uses tiny electromagnetic waves to heat food

milli- 1,000

milliliter– 1/1000 of a liter

millipede– small critter with many legs

mis- wrong, less

mishap– an unfortunate event

misspell– not spelled correctly

mono- 1

monotone– one tone, unchanging voice

monopoly– controlled by one

multi- many, much

multisyllabic–  many syllables

multicolor– many colors

non- not

nonfat– without fat

nonsense–  words or language having little or no meaning

oct-  8 

octagon– 8-sided shape

octopus– sea animal with 8 arms

pan-  all

panorama-  a wide view of an extensive area in all directions

pandemic-  a disease found all around an entire continent or world

pent- 5

pentacle– 5-pointed star

Pentagon– 5- sided government building

peri- around

perimeter- the outer boundary or distance around a two-dimensional figure or area

periscope-  an instrument for viewing objects that are all around and above the level of direct sight

post- after

postpone-  to push back; delay

postwar-  the time after a war has ended

pre- before

previous–  occurring before in time or order

predict– statement that will happen in the future

pro- bring forward, bring to existence

produce- to create something

promote- to bring progress or awareness

quad- 4

quadruped– having 4 legs/feet

quadriceps– large 4-part muscle in front


re- again

rebound–  spring back again

recede–  go back or move back

semi- half, partial

semicircle- half circle

semiformal-  clothes dressier than regular ones but not as fancy as an evening gown or tuxedo

sub- under

submarine– underwater boat

subterranean– under the earth

syn/sym-  same

synchronize–  operate at the same time

symmetry–  measure together (half of an object is a reflection of the other half)

tri-  3 

tripod– 3 legs or feet

trisect– cut in 3 parts

trans- across or change

transatlantic– across the Atlantic Ocean

transition– change in one state or condition to another


aer/o- air

aerate– to let air reach something

aerosol- a pressured substance released as a fine spray

aqua- water

subaquatic– growing or remaining under water

Aquarius–  a constellation pictured as a man carrying water

astro/astra- star, space

astronomer–  a scientist who studies stars

asteroid– a minor planet

bene- good

beneficiary– one who receives good things

benediction– good words, blessing

cardi/o- heart

cardiologist– heart doctor

cardiovascular– relating to circulatory system

cline- lean

incline–  railroad transportation up a hill

recline– lean or lie back in a relaxed position

crypto- secret

encrypt– convert into secret code

cryptography– science of writing or solving codes

duc/t- lead

conduct–  to lead a project or activity

induction–  the act of leading into an official position

dyna- power

dynamite something with the power to create a strong or explosive reaction

dynamo- a go-getter, energetic person

geo- earth

geography-  the study of the physical features of Earth along with its atmosphere and inhabitants

geology-  the study of earth’s physical history including rocks

graph- write/record

choreograph–  writing about dance steps

cartographer- a person who makes maps

ject- throw

interjection– to throw a remark into a discussion

projectile– an object thrown into the air with great force

mal- bad

malpractice– performing a duty in a wrong way

malodorous– bad-smelling

mania- madness

bibliomania– crazy love for books

egomaniac– a person in mad love of oneself

medic- heal

paramedic- a person trained to assist or give first aid as part of a rescue crew

medication- a medical substance used to aid health

meter- measure

speedometer–  measures speed

odometer–  measures the distance traveled in automobiles

migr- to move, travel

migratory-  periodically moving or roving from one place to another

immigrant-  a person who moves or migrates to another country for residence

mit- to send

transmit-  to send, pass or spread

emit- to send forth or release light, heat, sound, etc.

opt- choose

option-  something that may be chosen

adopt-  to choose or take as one’s own

pater, pat- father

paternal- fatherly; originating from the father’s side of the family

patriot-  a person who loves, supports and defends his country

phobia- fear

arachnophobia– fear of spiders

claustrophobic– fear of closed spaces

phon- sound

cacophony– loud, unpleasant sounds

euphony– pleasing sound in speech or music

photo- light

photograph-  a picture or image created by a camera

photosynthesis- the process green plants use to make food

polis- city

politician  a person who represents a town or city in a public office

metropolis-  a large, busy city

port- carry

portable– something that can be carried or moved about.

portage– act of carrying boats over land

scope- examine

microscope- an optical instrument used to view very tiny objects or living things

telescope-  an optical instrument used to view objects off in the distance

tele- far off

telecommuting–  work far from the office

telepathy– communicating through minds

therm- heat

isothermal–  equal temperatures

thermostat–  a device to monitor temperature

tract- pull, drag

attract–  to pull towards something

traction– the ability to move or drag something

vert/vers- turn

advertisement– a paid announcement to get attention to turn towards your idea

controversy– a disagreement (turned in an opposite direction)


-able, -ible- capable of being

loveable- deserving love; endearing

responsible- reliable or dependable

-age- action or process

advantage–  being ahead or successful

micromanage– action of controlling every part

-al, -ial- related to, characterized by

colonial-  relating to a colony

dental-  relating to teeth

-an- native of, relating to

African-  of or from Africa

suburban- being from a suburb or town

-ant, -ent- thing or one who

contestant-  a person who takes part in a contest

student-  a person who studies

-chrome- color

phytochrome– pigment on a plant that detects light

polychrome– decorated in various colors

-cule, -ling- very small

duckling- a young or baby duck

molecule-  a very small particle

-ee- one who receives an action

nominee- a person nominated for a position or award

employee- one who works for a company

-er, -or- one who

baker- a person who bakes

conductor- a person who leads, conducts, or directs

-ess- feminine

lioness-  female lion

actress-  a woman who acts in plays, movies, or tv programs

-fy- make, do

identify-  to recognize, establish, or name as being a particular person or thing

quantify-  to determine, indicate, or express the quantity

-gram- something written down

cardiogram- a record of muscle activity within the heart

telegram- a message sent by a telegraph

-ic- like, having the nature

artistic- showing excellence or skill in art

metallic- having the quality of metal

-ine- relating to

canine– relating to dogs

feminine– relating to women or girls

-ism- act or state of

optimism– the state of seeing the best in things

criticism– the state of finding fault or judgment

-ist- person

linguist– one who speaks several languages

biologist–  one who studies the science of life and living organism

-ive- of, belonging to, quality of

festive-  having a joyous quality

active-  characterized by physical action or activity

-ize- to make or become

hospitalize-  to place in a hospital for medical care

computerize-  to control, perform, or process by means of a computer

-log/logue- speech

monologue– only one character in a play

dialogue– a written or spoken conversation

-ment-action, result

placement–  the act of placing or arranging

merriment– being happy and high-spirited

-oid-  resembling

trapezoid– a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides

paranoid– having extreme, irrational fear

-ology, logy- science of, study of

garbology- the study of modern trash

zoology-  the science or branch of biology dealing with animals.

-ory- relating to a place

armory–  a storehouse for arms

dormitory–  a building for housing many people

-ous- full of, having

nervous- highly excitable

generous-  liberal in giving or sharing

-pod- foot

amphipod– crustacean with two kinds of legs (shrimp)

uropod– last pair of legs on a crustacean


I hope this list helps you with your Greek and Latin Study!

Keep Rockin’!