Mini Lesson #12- Task, Purpose, Audience for Narrative Writing

Now that your students are excited about writing a narrative story and finished their brainstorming, it is time to make sure your students understand the task at hand, the purpose for their writing, and the audience who will be reading their stories.

Common Core Standard W.4.4. “We can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.”

Task:  What are you asked to write?  (Make sure to read all the task expectation.)

Purpose:  What is the reason for your writing?  (Ex.  narrate?  persuade?  debate or express opinion?  provide information?  entertain?  describe?)

Audience:  Who is the intended audience?  Do you need a formal voice or casual voice or combination of the two?  (peers, family, school administrators, businesses)

 The next mini lesson will be on creating goals in writing!!!!!!

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