Writing Mini Lesson #22- Writing a Rough Draft for a Narrative Essay

Now that students have their conclusions written, it is time to write!  Woo woo!  Time to write!  Lesson 22 focuses on writing rough drafts.

1.  Start off the lesson by intro ducting all the rough draft elements below.  Remind them that this is Step 2 of the writing process!

2.  Have students take notes in their notebook.

 3.  Next, model writing a rough draft in class.  Make sure you make mistakes along the way!  I love it when they want to correct me right away when I make a mistake.  I laugh and say, “It is my rough draft!  I have to just write and not think about the mechanics!  Let me write!  I don’t want to lose my focus.”  Of course, I over exaggerate.  Imagine that!  Plus with these mistakes, it will help you later when teaching students how to revise and edit!

4.  Now it is the students’ turn to write.  My students like to write around the room like below.  If this helps them write, then why not?

I hope this helps in your writing lessons!  Next up:  Writing Mini Lesson #23 is revising in a Narrative Essay!

Like always, 
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