Dear Teachers, although the following writing activities for March are resources in my store, I welcome you to use the ideas in your classroom by DIY without a purchase. However, if you would like them prepped for your instead of doing it yourself, the writing resources come with everything you need. Read on to get the links to some FREE MARCH WRITING ACTIVITIES!

1. The Day I found a Four-Leaf Clover

Write a narrative story about finding a four-leaf clover. Where were you? What did you do with it? Cut out four-leaf clovers to decorate or even take them outside to look for them!

2. March Madness Persuasive Letter Writing

Get your sports-oriented students interested in writing! Provide a choice of different persuasive writing prompts about basketball and March Madness. Make sure to review elements of persuasive writing and letter writing!

1.  Convince the NCAA to allow you to be the water person for the players during the game.
2.  Persuade the NCAA to allow you and your friends to shoot baskets with the players during half-time.
3.  Convince the NCAA to allow you to be one of the cheerleaders for the day.
4.  Persuade the fans for the other teams to root for your team to win!

3. How to Make Popcorn

Super cute! Students tell how to make popcorn using a step by step process. Don’t forget to make some popcorn to share while they are writing or as a treat for when they finish!

4. I’m a Leprechaun Lyrics and Narrative Writing

Print a copy of the lyrics to the song, I’m a Leprechaun. There is also a youtube link to the song to listen with your students. Let them sing along! Then write a story from the point of view of the Leprechaun in the song. Review figurative language with them and require them to use it! It will make the paper silly just like leprechauns! Please note: The word “drunk” is in the song. It says, “You can call me a drunk or you can call me a liar. But one night in the woods, yes I saw a fire”

5. Blarney Stone Non Fiction Newspaper Writing

Read the information on the Blarney Stone here. Choose one of the topics to write about (legends of the Blarney Stone, the common story, kissing the Blarney Stone, or how it got into the English dictionary). Then take notes and paraphrase the information and write their article on the newspaper template. Click Here for FREE Newspaper Templates.

6. Opinion Writing: Book or Movie?

Have students read an article about opposing views of reading a book or watching a movie. This is a great way for students to form an opinion and write about it referring back to the text!

7.  Limerick Writing

FREE!!!! It includes teacher instructions and student instructions on how to write a limerick, examples of limericks, and a final copy template!


I hope you gathered some cute ideas for March Writing!  



If you would like them prepped for you instead of DIY, the writing resources come with everything you need! (Student directions to place in centers or send home for homework, weblinks, anchor charts, graphic organizers, craft templates, writing templates for final copies, and rubrics!) You can save on the bundle or purchase individually.

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