Summer is just around the corner—so close you can almost taste it! BUT you must finish the school year, and you might as well finish it off like a ROCKSTAR! I have lots of ideas for you; some are fun, some are academic, and most are both! Grab some TEACHER TIPS AND ACTIVITIES FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL.


This one is so much fun! Did you know that the average class in the United States has about 21 students in it? That’s 21 different personalities with 21 different talents! Have your students put on a talent show. This gives them an opportunity to show off something they’re good at or just love doing! It also gives you an opportunity to see your students in a new light. Great way to end the year! 


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! No really—your students will scream with excitement over an ice cream day! Provide the ice cream and send letters home to parents to help provide toppings! Set it up buffet-style and let your students create their own! 


This is a good one because it requires little work and little cleanup! Have students bring in their favorite board game or card game and give them time to play. This gives them the chance to play and chat with their friends before summer break! When it’s time to clean up, have them clean up the game they brought/played with! They won’t want to leave behind any pieces of their favorite game! 


Let students read their favorite book in a cozy spot of their choice! Let students and parents know they can bring a pillow and blanket to school that day! Bring a few blankets and pillows for students who forget to bring theirs. Set up cozy spots around the room and let them relax and enjoy a nice book! 


This one is fun for the kiddos and saves you from having to do a pesky chore! Have your students clear off their desks. Put a generous amount of shaving cream on each desk. Let them play! They can draw pictures or play games like tic-tac-toe. If you want to do something more educational, quiz them with questions and have them write their answers in the shaving cream on their desks! Did you know that 30% of shaving cream is a soap that can be used for cleaning? It also has ingredients that can get through dirt and grime! The kids will have a blast and their desks will be clean and ready for summer!


Kiddos love this one! Have your students pick a topic they are passionate about (baseball, lizards, shoes, baking cookies, ANYTHING!), and then, have them research and put together a presentation to teach to the class! Sit in their desk while they teach and let them feel like the teacher! You’ll learn something about your students, too! 


This is a fun and creative activity! I like to prep this one ahead of time. All you need is one folder per student, lined writing paper, and tape (optional).

  1. Measure each file folder and cut the front in four even sections. (see pic)
  2. Place students into groups of four. Tell them they are going to create the next American Idol.
  3. Person one will draw a head under the top flap. Then they draw little lines into the next section, so the next person knows where they left off in their drawing. They close the flap, secure it with tape (optional), and pass it to person two. No peeking! 
  4. Person two draws the body down to the waist under flap two. Then they draw little lines into the next section, so the next person knows where they left off in their drawing. They close the flap, secure it with tape (optional), and pass it to person three. No peeking! 
  5. Person three draws legs under flap three. Then they draw little lines into the next section, so the next person knows where they left off in their drawing. They close the flap, secure it with tape (optional), and pass it to person four. No peeking! 
  6. Person four draws the feet under the bottom flap. They close the flap, secure it with tape (optional), and pass it back to PERSON ONE. No peeking! 
  7. Person one then opens it to see what their group has created and writes about the person, alien, or creature who is the next American Idol! So fun! 
  8. Have students show off their character to the class!


Let your students be detectives for the day! Mystery units can work in amazing ways by integrating problem-solving and close-reading skills in a painless and FUN way! I’ve put together a list of eleven activities for teaching a mystery unit with games, reading and writing, activities, and more!

Click to check out my mystery bundle including figuring out mysteries and Mystery Nursery Rhymes!


Mmm-mmm-mmm I LOVE chocolate! And odds are, your students do, too! It’s one thing to buy chocolate and eat it, but have you ever MADE chocolate? This is a fun and tasty activity for your class! They worked so hard this year—they deserve it! Here’s how to make chocolate in ten easy steps! 

Do you want something educational to go along with it? You can also do a CHOCOLATE WEBQUEST that the kids will love! They will learn about where chocolate came from and how it is made!


Each student is special to your classroom. I like to highlight each of them with a ROCKSTAR AWARD at the end of the year! There are more than 80 awards already made for you, or you can create your own and personalize it for each student! Invite parents in and have a little ceremony to recognize their hard work. I’m sure parents would donate some refreshments, too! 


Are you wanting to keep the structure and academics? I got you covered! This is a complete review of the reading literacy and information text standards, writing standards, and some of the math standards. It is theme-based, standard-based, and has high-interest passages! (Link to packets)


These can be packets to send home with students! While summer is a much-needed break for both teachers and students, it’s also important to not fall behind! Did you know that during the summer, 52% of students forget 39% of what they learned the year before in school? The summer slide can be avoided by completing this packet!

Have each student write a letter to their future self and save it. They can talk about the school year with you, what they plan to do as a career in the future, or whatever you want! Give it to them at the end of the next year, that particular school, or wait and send it to them for high school graduation! That is what I did, and it is so rewarding! 

  1. Take pictures of students throughout the year. 
  2. Save their addresses on your roster and be sure to put the year they are expected to graduate. 
  3. The year they graduate, send them a graduation card with a class picture, the letter they wrote themselves, a quick update on what’s happening in your life, and an address to write back to. 

It’s so much fun getting letters, pictures, and cards back from former students! 


If you started a time capsule at the beginning of the year, now is the time to do the end-of-year portion and compare them! So so so so fun!

The end of the school year is supposed to be fun! Have fun with your kiddos and finish off the year by making good memories! I hope these tips and ideas get you through the last weeks of school! Enjoy your last moments with your kiddos and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! You ROCK, teacher! 

Keep Rockin’,

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