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    Writing Mini Lesson #38 on Final Copies

    Are your students ready to write a final copy? It is the step following peer reflections in the writing process. This writing mini lesson is part of a series of lessons designed for instructional scaffolding in writer’s workshop. Read on for ideas for the last step in the writing process!   What do students need for their final copy? For handwritten papers, students will need: a rough draft a sharpened pencil a final copy template an eraser For typed papers,…

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    Writing Mini Lesson #37 on Peer Reflections

    Do your students particpate in peer reflections? Peer reflection is a step in writing process after revising and editing a rough draft and before the final copy. It is one more…

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    Writing Mini Lesson #33 on Capitalization

    Do your students need help learning rules for capitalization and symbols for proofreading in their writing? This post will review basic capitalization rules needed for an upper elementary curriculum, provide ideas…

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    May Writing Prompts

    Are you looking for oodles of writing prompts for the month of May? You came to the right place!  This extensive list of prompts are divided into categories to help you…

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    Writing Mini Lesson #32- CUPS to Edit

    If you are looking for ideas in the editing step of the writing process, you are in the right place! This post will provide ways to teach and break down different…

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    Writing Mini Lesson #31- Crafting a Title

    Now that your students have finished writing a rough draft and made revisions to their narrative writing, it is time to craft an amazing title for the story! This post is…

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    Writing Mini Lesson #29- Variety of Sentences

    Do your students use a monotonous tone in their writing? “He did…. He has…. He then did….” Blah blah blah. Variety of Sentences is another important writing mini lesson for DARE…