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5 Essential Things Every Writing Center Needs

When setting up a classroom or homeschool writing center, there are five things that I found useful for writing success. These items provide your students with the necessary tools to get ready to write effectively throughout the year. Set it up once and start writing!

1.  Supplies

Use a caddy to keep most of the items below. The caddy will help keep the center neat and organized.

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Colorful pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Post-Its
  • Erasers


2.  Writing Process Posters

The writing process should be close by so students can refer to it. Place students’ names on clothespins and they can move down the writing steps as they are working. This will help you see who might need help! You can grab these posters for FREE in my store.


3.  Writing Prompts

Keep writing prompts readily available for assignments and early finishers. Once they are printed and ready, you won’t need to worry about it throughout the year. You will always have something to engage students in writing! Use a brochure holder or photo boxes to keep the prompts. If you need prompts, click HERE. You will find 180 Prompts- one for every day of the school year, Monthly Prompts perfect for holidays and monthly themes, and Prompts for Grades 3, 4, and 5. 


Do you want to choose a few prompts for students? Get a CARD HOLDER!  You can even turn it around so that the prompts are not showing. They will get a surprise prompt! This works well for early finishers. Students can pick from the card holder and write in a journal or notebook after their center assignment.

4.  Student Resources

Graphic Organizers

Print off graphic organizers and have them ready for student use. Let students get familiar with them and encourage using graphic organizers for all writing projects.


Writing Checklists and Peer Reflection Form

Print off writing checklists and peer reflection forms for students to use during writing. Writing checklists will help students remember what to include in their writing and what to edit and revise. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, writing checklists are free to members or click below to see the variety of checklists. You will find checklists for different types of writing, for primary and upper grades, and sizes including Post-Its. A peer reflection form is used when peer reads another student’s paper and offers suggestions.


Thesaurus and Dictionary

Keep a thesaurus and dictionary available for the revising and editing stage.


Spelling Dictionary

Keep a spelling dictionary available to help students with frequently misspelled words. They can add words to the list too! You can find this one FREE in my store.


Student Resource Guide

Provide students with grade-level skills necessary for writing. For grades 3-5, you can include things like:

  • figurative language
  • word choice ideas
  • ways to create a strong lead or conclusion
  • topic sentences and details
  • rules for editing and revising
  • ways to create a variety of sentences
  • ideas for each step of the writing process

Place these ideas in a booklet. When working on a particular skill or need a specific word list, make it into a poster and hang it in the center.


5.  Writing Center Rules

Post the rules you would like for your writing center. Introduce the rules at the beginning of the year and revisit them throughout the year. It will remind students what they need to be doing while working in the center.


I hope you found some ideas useful for your writing center! Check out a series of blog posts for writing lessons HERE!



The items that I use are listed below. They are Amazon affiliate links. I use any proceeds to keep my blog running so I can provide you with lessons and ideas for your classroom!


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