Coming off of Thanksgiving break and knowing that Christmas is all around us, it is often difficult to keep my little elves motivated to learn.  I like to find interesting project-based activities to keep their attention!  This week, we will be doing a Christmas Around the World project!  Last year, my students LOVED this!

I did the background work by looking for websites that provide the following for different countries:

1.  Flag

2.  Location

3.  How to say Merry Christmas

4.  3 History Facts of the country

5.  Environment/Climate

6.  3 Holiday Traditions

7.  Recipe

It took a while to find all of these items for different countries.  I had to narrow it down to the ones I could find all items for so the students would be able to find the information without going onto different sites.  I found 30 countries that there is enough information to research.  Click HERE for websites!

To start, I tell students they are going on a trip and need a passport.  They choose a country from my list in a hat or container.  Then they fill out their passports.

Next, the students are given a booklet to record research and a website where I have their web quest all ready for them.

Here are some examples:


Students are also given a doll pattern to dress according to the traditional clothing of that country.  I have a Pinterest board that helps with this section!  Christmas Around the World Pinterest Board  Look how stinkin cute some of my students made their dolls last year!

Although my students loved this project, they loved the International Food Fair even more!  If you have time to do this, your students will remember it forever!  I have prior students who tell me how they remember this project and Food Fair as being the highlight of their year.  There is always so much food!  I usually offer extra credit for anyone who wants to bring in food.


If you are interested in conducting this research with your students, you can download my web quest and printables.  Christmas Around the World Project  It is also included in my larger literacy bundle:  Christmas Literacy Bundle

Keep your students engaged over the holidays!